Top Luxury Hotels Dubai

dubai / August 21 2016
Luxury Hotels Dubai Travel Guide Fashionblog Munich

Thanks to my blog I have been able to stay at some of the most beautiful hotels around the globe. However, the hotels that we stayed at in Dubai trumped everything. Imagine: personal butler, incredible suites, the head chef creating a vegan menu just for you, amazing spa treatments and more- it is safe to say that we got absolutely spoiled whilst staying at 3 of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai: The One & Only Royal Mirage, The Park Hyatt and The Raffles.


Favourite Summer Songs Playlist

Munich / August 20 2016
Summer Songs Playlist

A song isn’t just a song. It is a feeling, a memory, a person. It may be that time you danced like crazy in a club or when you went on a road trip with your friends, all of you singing your favorite tune from the top our your lungs. A song only becomes special if it is connected to a memory. This month I have discovered so many cool new tunes, which whenever I play them take me back to a certain time. I really want to share my favourites with you, so here is my summer playlist that I have been playing non stop:


Cape Town Hikes with my Aevor Backpack

Cape Town / August 15 2016
Zach Louw-1032-min

From Bali to Athens over to Dubai and Cape Town: I have been travelling around a lot in the last couple of months, which has truly made me appreciate good backpacks. Whenever I am on the go I use one, since it makes it a lot easier to carry all my stuff around and I don’t end up with a sore neck like a do with a shoulder bag. Thanks to AEVOR I got to try out one of their sportspacks, which is not only great for travelling, but also ideal for university, school or to take on a hike. In Cape Town I got to test it out for the latter, so continue reading for my personal review of the backpack and for some breathtaking pictures of my favourite city in the world.


Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai / August 7 2016

Do you know those precious moments, that you just want to put into a jar and keep, so that in 10 years from now you can open it up again and relive the memory? Walking through the dunes in the Dubai desert with nothing but sand as far as the eyes can see was one of those moments. During our week in Dubai Julia and I did a desert safari, which was definitely one of the highlights of our trip and once again reminded me why I love travelling with every inch of my heart.