Bye, bye Germany. I am moving!

Cape Town / September 26 2016

It is official: I am leaving Germany to move to South Africa. 4 days ago Julia and I moved into our first own flat here in Cape Town and everything feels so amazing and new: I honestly have to pinch myself to realize that this is not a dream. But why Cape Town? What am I going to do here? How long will I stay? It is about time for a life update blogpost.


Living in the right place- Why choosing where you live does matter

Munich / September 14 2016

I am going to be 100% honest with you guys: a lot of the time that I am in Munich I am miserable, unhappy with my life and I have zero inspiration to do things. Whilst travelling I have been to some extremely powerful places on this globe and whenever I have been in such a spot it felt like I was another person. Suddenly everything was easy and fell into place. I truly believe that choosing the place where you want to live is crucial for your life to be good. The reason that I am sharing this with you right now, is simply because some of you might be going through something similar and by writing about it, I hope that I can inspire you to realize that the problem is not you, it might as well be the place you are currently living.


When he doesn’t text you back: the 3 stages girls go through

Munich / September 10 2016

Written by Julia

Who doesn’t know the struggle: There is that guy you are texting, and all of a sudden he just stops replying out of nowhere. Regardless of whether you were texting him because you like him, or you just because you were bored- you will go nuts and think of all the possibilities why he isn’t replying and eventually just come to the conclusion that maybe his roommate’s cousin’s gold fish died or his right arm was amputated in a shark attack during a spontaneous weekend trip to pacific ocean.


Zalando Bread & Butter 2016

Berlin / September 8 2016
Zalando Bread & Butter

Last weekend Julia and I travelled to Berlin for 3 days to attend the Bread & Butter Event by Zalando. This year was the first year that this trend show was opened up to the public, so that everyone can discover what’s hot at the moment. Apart from showcasing the newest fashion trends the Bread & Butter also had a lot of musical and social highlights such as Gigi Hadid visiting or Asap Rocky performing.


Sunset Beach Lodge & Spa Cape Town

Cape Town / September 6 2016
Sunset Beach Lodge & Spa

The first time my mom and I were in Cape Town, we had to look for a new accommodation after our first 2 nights, since the place we previously stayed at was fully booked. We decided to randomly drive around, which was such a good decision, since we discovered Sunset Beach Lodge & Spa in Sunset Beach which has been our go to accommodation whilst in Cape Town and  the part of Cape Town where my parents ended up buying a house.