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20 Life lessons I learnt this month | October

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Going through life we tend to put a lot of attention on the obstacles that lie ahead of us. We worry about what we have to do next and how we can go about future problems. By doing so we oftentimes forget about our accomplishments so far and about the things we have learnt along the way. When I actually started thinking about how far I have come this year, I felt extremely proud. Even though there have been a lot of challenges for me, I feel like I have been able to learn so much from them.

Since today is the last day of October, I wanted to use this post to share some big and small life lessons I l have learnt this month:

  1. Don’t ever try and resolve an argument or fight via Whatsapp.
  2. Sometimes how you think about people and situations is not how they actually are. Try and let go of your premade assumptions in order to create space for change.
  3. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
  4. What looks good on the outside doesn’t necessarily have to feel good on the inside. Focus on doing things that make you feel happy and not on doing things that sound or look good to others.
  5. You can’t change other people and you shouldn’t expect them to change for you. Focus on the best in every person and if they do decide to make positive changes by themselves, this will be the most beautiful thing.
  6. A healthy meal, a workout, time in nature or a cold shower can make you feel like a different person.
  7. Learning and engaging in creative activities, such reading, writing, painting, listening to audiobooks etc. makes you a more interesting person than if you are simply consuming media and watching TV all day.
  8. You are the most important person in your life. No matter what romantic ideas movies, books and society suggest- the only person who will make a change in your life is you.
  9. Admit that you are sorry. Showing weakness is a good thing.
  10. Spend less time on social media and online. It will entertain you, but only as long as you engage with it. Once you switch your screen off, none of that will be left.
  11. Small habits make the biggest difference. For example, 10 minutes in the morning that you spend writing down your wishes, visualizing or meditating can completely set the tone of your day.
  12. Appreciate everyone in your life: your friends, your family, friendly strangers. We tend to forget about it, but it is so so important.
  13. Working on yourself on a spiritual level is so rewarding and it will make you feel incredibly empowered and confident.
  14. If you can’t solve a problem or situation: let it go. Oftentimes it will solve itself.
  15. Sometimes silence is more powerful and adequate than words.
  16. Sometimes it is best to have no expectations.
  17. You can turn any situation or relationship in your life around by simply changing the way you feel and think about it.
  18. You are probably never going to have a perfect relationship with anyone in your life. Thus, you are going to have to accept other people’s flaws and you will have to listen to your heart about who you want in your life.
  19. Everyone has their own path to happiness. Don’t ever expect someone else to walk yours.
  20. Your biggest struggles are also your greatest opportunities for growth.

life lessons october jolie janine fashionblog

life lessons october jolie janine fashionblog

life lessons october jolie janine fashionblog

life lessons october jolie janine fashionblog

life lessons october jolie janine fashionblog


Johanna 31. October 2017 Reply

11 + 17 und nicht zu vergessen simple but true: no 1.

Mir gefallen solche Posts von dir auf jeden Fall! Man kann solche Art von Ratschlägen aka Life lessons nicht oft genug hören und teilen ? wir wollen doch alle die besten happy Menschen sein ?

Liebe Grüße
Johanna von

Eva 31. October 2017 Reply

These post has so many true words. Thanks for sharing. I sometimes feel that our life is so much ruled by negativity – even if we thibk about a positive thing our second thought after is “…but if..”
Clearing our head from that thought and thinking about little accomplishments is helping so much by starting your day happy.
I just recently heard someone saying that we are born with nothing and at the end we are going with nothing – so there is no bu if in life, because we have nothing to loose. We should just live our life – and I’m sure you do. Thanks for all the inspration 🙂

Everardo 1. November 2017 Reply

You are so beautiful! Inside and Out Thank you for sharing such true 20 points! 🙂

Krissi 1. November 2017 Reply

Mega schöne Bilder, du siehst toll aus <3

Das hast du so wunderschön geschrieben und du hast echt einige super wichtige Dinge gelernt. Vieles davon ist einem oftmals gar nicht so bewusst, obwohl es so so wichtig ist. Besonders, dass die eigene Einstellung und die eigenen Gedanken ganz viel im Leben ausmachen und verändern können und auch, dass man andere so akzeptieren sollte, wie sie sind und nicht erwarten sollte, dass sie sich für einen komplett verändern… <3

Ganz liebe Grüße,
Krissi von the marquise diamond

Steffi 1. November 2017 Reply

Du bist wundervoll, Janine ?

    Janine Jahnke 3. November 2017 Reply

    Danke dir 🙂 Total lieb von dir! xx

Bee 1. November 2017 Reply

Dear Janine,
How would you respond to people always questioning you about your lifestyle. I love travelling, I often did for my studies and internships and holidays. Two of my friends of several years, who never move out of our small village since childhood (studied there and now work there, never moved even for holiday or internship) keeps telling everytime they see me “we will never understand why you do that, how can you go far from your family, when will you settle ? What are you doing alone in foreign countries ?” Another example, when I went to the Caribean “I dont understand why you would want to go on an island, there is nothing to do there” and so on (there is abolutely nothing to do in our childhood village). I do not understand their reaction, I would not even expect them to be happy for me or being curious about my adventures.. But we’re in 2017, so much people of our age are travelling the world and living experiences. I hate it because I know I love this lifestyle and I am accomplishing my dreams while pursuing my career goals, I met amazing friends that are still friends now, it made me grow so much, I visited wonderful places, it is just their inconsiderate comments that are sometimes making me doubt about myself, because otherwise I am really proud of my journey. I try to talk to them the least (my other friends, from university, are exactly like me even more adventurous) but we used to be best friends so they always keep returning to me. So of course everytime they question me about my plans, I get the same comments …
Actually, I think I am not looking for the perfect answer to them, but for how to feel good with myself, stop thinking about their comments, move on with my life and having no self doubt ?
Thank your for this post, it really echoes with thoughts I had lately I will use it as a reminder on my home page ♡

    Janine Jahnke 3. November 2017 Reply

    Hey 🙂 I totally understand what you mean. When we travel we tend to grow very quickly, because we learn so much and because we meet so many new people. Oftentimes it is hard for old friends to keep up with that and to understand. I think it is important to be aware of that fact. If you are aware you will understand that others are not saying this to be mean or to hold you back, they are simply not aware of your level of growth and the experiences you have made. Be confident and happy with your decisions and reflect that on the outside. Try and show compassion and love for the other people no matter what their attitude is towards your lifestyle may be. Only through love you are able to make good choices and have good reactions towards other people’s actions. I hope this kind of helped you. Lots of love to you and keep doing what makes your heart sing.

Tim 2. November 2017 Reply

Hey Janine,

first of all this is another great blog post! I can relate to a lot of these points, especially #5, #7, #8 and #13! Exactly these things (and some other points) are what I started learning in the past year, and I’m happy to see that people like you spread such inspiring and important points!
As you’ve described, looking honestly on the inside can make a huge change on the outside!

Keep up your inspiring work, because that is what can help us sometimes lost-feeling Millenials out there!

btw: your new blog design is amazing! I like this clean and structured look 🙂



    Janine Jahnke 3. November 2017 Reply

    Hey Tim 🙂 Thank you! I also really appreciate the fact that you noticed the new design! 🙂 xx

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