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21 things I learnt in 21 years

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It was my birthday around two weeks ago, meaning that I am now 21 years old. Even though I think that birthdays just like anniversaries, mother’s day etc. are social constructs that force us to do things we should be doing all year around (e.g. being nice to each other and appreciating our loved ones) I do very much enjoy the special vibe that comes with a birthday and moreover I think that it is always a great time to think back and reflect on what has happened in the past year. I have decided to reflect back even further and share with you 21 things I have learnt in my 21 years- from life lessons to boy advice over to spiritual ideas:


  1. Be grateful for your Health. It is the biggest gift.


  1. Nothing is sexier, than having a passion in life.


  1. Travel as much as you can. In my opinion travelling to a different place automatically solves 99% of your problems and always gives you a new perspective on life.


  1. Don’t EVER give up on your dreams. They are what make this life worth living. If you follow your dreams and ambitions the right opportunities and people will find you.


  1. It doesn’t matter where you are born. Home is only a concept and you can find it anywhere on the globe.


  1. Eat right and exercise. Not because you want to be skinny/fit , but because of the way it makes you feel.


  1. If it doesn’t come easy and it is not something that you truly want to work for, let it go- it is not meant to be.


  1. If things with a boy are already difficult in the beginning and you have to force it- he is not meant for you. At the start the only thing you should think about is how much he makes you smile and not why he never texts you.


  1. Small minded people oftentimes can’t understand big goals


  1. Life isn’t about getting rid of negative emotions. They are part of life and without them we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good times. Take them in and see them as a valuable part of your human experience instead of pushing them away.


  1. Look at the night sky. Nothing puts things into perspective as much as realizing how tiny our existence is in this endless universe.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. 99% of the people aren’t as happy as they appear to be.


  1. Don’t focus on where you are. Focus on where you want to be. Life is about faking it until you make it.


  1. Get enough sleep every night. It makes the biggest difference for your appearance, fitness & health.


  1. The only way that you will ever be happy in a relationship is by being happy with yourself and your life beforehand.


  1. Sometimes giving to others can give you more than anything else.


  1. You are in charge of your life. If you always blame people or circumstances, you will just continue being miserable. Take charge!


  1. Listen to your intuition. We all have that “inner voice”- we just need to listen to it more.


  1. Spend time alone. It so healthy and it gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you really care about and need for yourself.


  1. One day you will either have stories to tell or excuses to talk about. The choice is yours.


  1. Oftentimes it is the small moments in life that make us the happiest.


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fashionblogger Munich Jolie Janine Janine Jahnke lifestyle advice

fashionblogger Munich Jolie Janine Janine Jahnke lifestyle advice

fashionblogger Munich Jolie Janine Janine Jahnke lifestyle advice

fashionblogger Munich Jolie Janine Janine Jahnke lifestyle advice

Now I am curious to hear your opinion about these points! Can you relate to any? What are the most important things you have learnt in life so far? Let me know!

xx Janine


Pirms 26. November 2016 Reply

Hi guys,
I would rank number 19 and 21 way higher, but I would totally agree with number 1.
And I can relate to most of them, well done!
I’m traveling and studying for several years now, but especially cause of this trouble-free life I lost sight of the very important things.
A malignant disease i got recently probably got me on the right way again. Hope you guys don’t need an eye-opener like this. Take care!

Shannon powers 26. November 2016 Reply

You’re my idol. Love you page. Love your Instagram. Love your snapchat

    Janine Jahnke 27. November 2016 Reply

    Wow, that means a lot! Thank you 🙂 xx

Lara 26. November 2016 Reply

Dear Janine,
the most important thing I’ve learned so far is never giving up your dreams. If you want it – work for it!
Recently I travelled the US ALONE and it was amazing. The best time of my entire life!
I wanted it so bad, worked hard enough and realized my dream.
Kisses from Hamburg,
Lara <3

Alexandra 26. November 2016 Reply

“Don’t focus on where you are. Focus on where you want to be. Life is about faking it until you make it.” Das bin so ich im Moment.. allerdings finde ich, dass es auch wichtig ist, im Moment da zu sein. Das Leben kann morgen auch vorbei sein und dann hat man nie richtig gelebt, weil man nur für die Zukunft bzw. ein bestimmtes Ziel lebt. Das muss ich mir selber aber auch immer wieder in Erinnerung rufen.

    Janine Jahnke 27. November 2016 Reply

    Da hast du vollkommen Recht. Der Punkt sollte definitiv noch auf die Liste. Man vergisst oftmals das “Jetzt” wenn man immer nur in die Zukunft/Vergangenheit schaut. Danke für die tolle Erinnerung! <3

Mary 27. November 2016 Reply

I am also 21 and over the past few months I have realized and learnt every single one of those points and I’m so glad you shared this because I feel like people don’t talk about this enough. Most people of this generation tend to focus on the outer as opposed to inner and cultivating yourself truly does make a difference in life. You are amazing!

    Janine Jahnke 27. November 2016 Reply

    Hi Mary, Thank you!It means incredibly much to read your feedback. I also very much believe that cultivating ourselves and focusing on inner values is so so important! Lots of love, Janine xx

Vanessa Black 28. November 2016 Reply

These are all great lessons, I definitely agree with you! For me, this last year has been a year of learning to prioritize my needs instead of putting them last. You will not have energy to give to others if you don’t care for yourself, know your boundaries, and respect your own time and goals.
<3 Vanessa

    Janine Jahnke 12. December 2016 Reply

    That is so so true aswell! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I actually just had to think about that the other day <3

Jane Churchill 22. December 2016 Reply

Aw this is so cute, all very true, thank you Xx
I’m turning 19 and I am moving from Australia to Paris, France in 2 weeks! i went to university and left because it wasn’t the right time! merry christmas love <3

    Janine Jahnke 22. December 2016 Reply

    Hi Jane, So happy to hear that! Wishing you all the best in Paris 🙂 xx

Alex 12. May 2018 Reply

love these lessions, thank you Janine <3 just found your blog/yt/insta!

    Janine Jahnke 13. May 2018 Reply

    Thank you 🙂 xx

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