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5 Things I learnt from modelling in London

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Despite common misconceptions, modelling is
about a lot more than just posing in front of a camera. It is about meeting and
interacting with others, working with your self perception, becoming truly
comfortable with who you are, understanding the artistic nature behind
photography and above all about making new experiences.

If I was to share with you all the things I
have learnt from modelling ever since I started when I was 15 years old, I
could probably write a book. So I decided to keep it “short” and share with you
what I have learnt from being on stay in London:
1) Models
really do not eat.
Nope, that burger picture on
Instagram once a month does not count. Living together with five other models
in a model apartment for the last three weeks I was actually shocked how little
most of them eat. Some girls even reduce their meals down to a tiny portion of
yoghurt with some protein powder and in order to stop the hunger most of them
smoke about a pack of cigarettes a day and drink tons of coffee. Health falls
by the wayside- it’s all about being as skinny as possible.  Of course, this isn’t true for all girls, but
I guess it applies for roughly 80%.
2) There
is nothing better than a clean house.
Ever been
inside a model apartment? Nope? Lucky you! It is a very messy and dirty place.
One could think that most girls have never learnt how to clean in their lives.
The kitchen is filled with dirty dishes, the rubbish bins are overflowing, the
cooking pots are burnt (if you don’t eat you obviously don’t know how to cook
either) and the drain in the shower is clogged by long black hair. To be fair-
I have stayed in far worse model apartments than the one in London, but even there
I was still the one who cleaned everything, picked up the rubbish and did all
the dishes. No wonder that I am actually looking forward to my clean house back
in Munich (thanks mom :-P)!
3) It
takes more than one hour to make me look like I just came out of bed.
The other day I had a test shooting and the photographer told me
that the first look would be a super natural, “I just got out of bed” look. I
was happy, because I thought that this would mean the makeup artist would be
done super quickly and we could start shooting right away. OH BOY, I was so
wrong! First she had to put on the right foundation that would make my face
look like I wasn’t wearing any foundation (makes sense right?!?) and then she
spent ages with my lips, eyes and eyebrows- attempting to make them look SOO
natural. Oftentimes you see natural pictures of models and you think to
yourself: “ahh I wish I would look like that without makeup.” Worry no longer,
even for a “no makeup”  makeup it takes
makeup artists 1hour+ to perfect the look. You shouldn’t strive to look like
the girl in the ad, because she probably doesn’t even look like that herself in
real life.
4) Modelling
is not a dream job.
The model industry is often
sugar coated by the media and famous super models who keep emphasising “how
much they love their job.” No wonder that nowadays it’s every little girl’s
dream to become a top model. But is it really such a dream job? Of course there
a lot of girls out there who get started right away and work for famous
designers and are the faces of huge campaigns. But for the average model life
isn’t so glamorous. Our days are filled with walking (lots of it!) from casting
to casting hoping we will land a job. A lot of girls come from poorer
backgrounds and depend on modelling to pay their bills. The other day I heard a
model at a casting chat to her friend: “I haven’t really gotten any jobs
recently. I don’t think I will be able to pay my rent. I am so happy that it is
my birthday next week so that I can ask my parents for some money so that I can
pay my rent.” In an industry where there is already so much pressure on you,
the worst thing that can happen is that you become totally dependent on the
job. So girls remember: finish school, go to Uni (if you can) and don’t make
becoming a model your main goal. Personally, I am so grateful for all the opportunities
I got and experiences I made through modelling, but at the same time I am also
looking forward to starting uni next year.
5) Confidence
is everything.
Oh no, not this cheesy, generic
quote again! Even though you might have heard this a hundred times, it doesn’t
make it any less true. There are sooo many pretty girls at every Casting- what
makes one better than the other? I don’t think it is about having the shiniest
hair or the most flawless skin- I have come to realize that with modelling (and
everything else in life) the confident people are the ones who are the most
successful. I can’t say of myself that I am the most self confident person on
this planet, but I know that this is an area that I need to improve on. After
all it is not about becoming perfect, it is about accepting your imperfections
and deciding that you are fabulous nonetheless.


Magdalena Fenzl 6. October 2015 Reply

Super Artikel! 🙂 Tut gut zu hören, dass es nicht nur mir so geht mit einigen Sachen im Modelleben… 🙂 Weiter so! Viele liebe Grüße, Lena 🙂

Sarah 6. October 2015 Reply

Kann alle Punkte nur bestätigen.. als ich on stay in Istanbul war gab es so viele Mädels die so abhängig vom Modeln waren – ich war so froh noch ein Leben mit Uni dahinter zu haben! Ich denke das mit der Sauberkeit kommt daher, dass viele schon mit 15 und teilweise schlechten Englischkenntnissen in Model-Wgs wohnen und weder kochen noch aufräumen lernen… Ganz liebe Grüße!

Jane Churchill 12. October 2015 Reply

this is so true…wish more people were aware of this x

Charlyemmalouise 13. May 2016 Reply

Great article! Nice to hear it how it is 🙂

Axelle 16. May 2018 Reply

Except for the first thing, I agree with everything! It’s so NOT a dream job, but it’s a great way to learn a lot about life and yourself 😉

I don’t know how I end up reading a post from 2 years ago haha, but I love it! Cool blog, girl 🙂


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