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5 things I learnt from camping without WIFI for a week

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Last month I did something that would probably the nightmare of every other blogger: I went camping. For a week. Without Wi-Fi connection. I slept in a tent. The closest toilet was a 10-minute walk away.

To be honest with you, I have been going camping with my family in our caravan ever since I can walk and I absolutely love it! However, my smartphone usage has drastically increased over the last years (due to working as a blogger), so this time I found the “no connection” part especially challenging. I did have the occasional 5 minutes of strong enough reception to upload a story or a post on Instagram, but otherwise I completely left my phone at home (ehh I meant tent).

Here is what I learnt from camping without Wi-Fi connection for a week:

Nothing is as important as it appears to be

Urgent emails, phone calls, keeping up with social media- we get so caught up in the busyness of our lives, that we make things seem more important than they truly are. If the Wi-Fi only works for 5 minutes you will think twice about how you use it. By having only minimal Wi-Fi connection I learnt something that we should all do more often: prioritize. Do I really need to do this? Is this as urgent as it seems? Having barely any connection truly made me think about whether certain emails really needed a reply right away.  By only focusing on the important things, I realized that my “urgent to-do list” isn’t as long as I thought it was.

You can do 3 hours of work in half an hour

When your Wi-Fi only works for a few minutes a day you have to be very time savvy. No browsing the web, no scrolling through Instagram, instead you have to get straight to the point. When I work at home I am usually guilty of getting lost in the world wide web instead of doing what I should be doing. Setting yourself time constraints to do a task can increase your productivity enormously.

No one really cares about your social media

Even though I work as a blogger, I don’t think anyone out there would have cared if I didn’t post or upload a story for a week. I think us influencers oftentimes tend to take ourselves too seriously, worrying too much if we don’t have any exciting content to share with the world. First of all: No one will really mind if your face doesn’t show up on their feed for a week. Secondly: Taking some time off is one of the best things you can do to recharge your creative mind and allow for new inspiration to flow in.

Stop checking yourself out

You are only ugly if you have a mirror. Ok, this might sound a little silly, but I actually felt so pretty during this camping holiday. Why? Because I only looked at myself in the mirror twice a day. Once in the morning to brush my teeth and once in the evening to brush my teeth again. When you don’t constantly check yourself out in the mirror, you leave no time for searching flaws, criticizing your appearance and you actually become aware of how little your outside appearance really matters. Try it: Only look at yourself in the mirror when really necessary and instead imagine your dream appearance in your head, you will feel beautiful!

Deep connection = no phone

“Don’t worry, I am just looking for something on my phone, but I am listening to you at the same time.” Stop lying. To yourself and to everyone else. You will never achieve a deep and meaningful connection with another person if one of you is using their phone or has their phone (screen turned up) lying on the table. I have had some really nice and deep conversations with my family on this holiday, because I just left my phone in my tent. Next time you go out with your friends make a vow to leave your phones in your bag, it will completely change the dynamic of the conversation.

That week was a great reset from my social media centred everyday routine. I loved it and I would really like to do an entire week where I don’t use my phone at all. I would just put on an automatic “out of the office” reply email, tell my friends and family I am going offline and leave my phone switched off. A challenge that is definitely on my to-do list this year.


5 things I learnt from camping without WIFI for a week

Image: Alexander Kibble here



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Krissi 24. August 2018 Reply

Wow, so ein wunderschönes Bild *-*

Die Dinge, die du gelernt hast sind echt wichtige Erkenntnisse! Wir denken wirklich viel zu oft, alles sei unfassbar wichtig und dringend, dabei ist es das Meiste davon gar nicht.

Ich finde auch, dass es gut tut, mal eine Zeit lang nicht andauernd nur am Handy zu hängen, sondern etwas in der realen Welt mit realen Menschen zu unternehmen. Konversationen Face-to-Face führen anstatt Screen-to-Screen. Das ist einfach Erholung pur für Geist und Seele.

Ganz liebe Grüße,
Krissi von the marquise diamond

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