Hi I am Janine! I am a 21 year old dreamer, fashion enthusiast, travel lover and a creative soul from Munich.

Here on joliejanine I publish my favourite outfits, document my travel adventures and share lifestyle tips with my readers.

I believe that you can achieve anything in life- you just have to follow your bliss and believe in your dreams.

In 2014 I started traveling the world and I have been hooked ever since. I was able to visit some amazing places all over the globe such as Hawaii, Bali, Cape Town, New York, Greece and many more. Travelling is my biggest source of inspiration.

With my Blog I aim to inspire others to chase their dreams, travel more, dress better and find their place in this crazily beautiful journey we call life.


    1. Claudia Oleriny
    2. 2 years ago

    Hi, can I ask you one thing which is blog related? 🙂 how did you get rid of the date at the top of this category? Because my blog has the category "about" as well and I want to delete the date, the sharring buttons but only on this page – so it doesn´t look like a normal post. How did you do that? Is there some css code? thank you 🙂

      1. Janine Jahnke
      2. 2 years ago

      Hi Claudia, I am actually not sure why it doesn't show a date. I just added an "about" page to the pages on blogger and that way my about page looks like this. Sorry if that didn't answer your question. I have found this website super helpful when it comes to blog tutorials : http://xomisse.com/blog/
      xx Janine

    1. Michelle DeRoo
    2. 2 years ago

    Hi Janine! Im michelle and Im starting my blog but I have absolutely no idea of what im doing ':) It would mean the world if you check it out and give me a few comments on whats missing 🙂 Thanks!
    BTW I love your possitive attitud! Keep it up girl!

    1. Jane Churchill
    2. 2 years ago

    Hey! I just found your youtube which lead me here and I'm obsessed ! love your videos and your blog! <3 xxo

    1. Leda Spyropoulou
    2. 2 years ago

    Hello Janine,I'm Leda,I'm Greek and I came across your YouTube Channel,through which I got to see your blog.It is beautiful,very happy and interesting,with very bright pictures .This is mine http://lhdalolaskl.wix.com/ledaspyropoulou and it just started
    Have a nice day!

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