Acai Bowl Recipe

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Since having the best Acai Bowl ever on Maui, Hawaii last year I am absolutely hooked. Not only are they extremely healthy- they also taste amazing! My sister Julia worked at Munich’s best Acai Bowl place for a day and is now spilling the secret Acai Bowl recipe, which I will be sharing with you guys. Here is how you can make an amazing Acai bowl at home with only 4 ingredients:

Hawaiian Acai Bowl Recipe Ingredients healthy vegan smoothie bowl breakfast


-1 packet of frozen Acai
-2 ripe bananas  (make sure that they are spotty)
-1 small cup of frozen blueberries
-2 medjool dates


Hawaiian Acai Bowl Recipe Ingredients healthy vegan smoothie bowl breakfastAcai Bowl Recipe Ingredients Frozen Acai Vegan Healthy Food

I buy these frozen Acai packets at one of the organic grocery stores in Munich: Denn’s. Alternatively you could also try out Acai Powder (here) but I really recommend the frozen Acai, since it creates a delious, creamy texture.

How to make an Acai Bowl at home

  1. Take the frozen Acai packet out of the fridge and let it defrost a litttle, so that it is easier to blend
  2. Pit the dates and place them in your blender together with the Acai, one banana and the frozen blueberries
  3. Blend everything together until smooth. You might have to pause your blender inbetween and stir everything around with a spoon if it gets stuck
  4. Pour into a bowl and top it with your favourite toppings. Mine are fresh fruit, cacao nibs (here) and mulberries (here)
  5. Enjoy and pretend you are on the beach in Hawaii 😉

Acai Bowl Recipe Vegan Healthy Food Vitamix BlenderHawaiian Acai Bowl Recipe Ingredients healthy vegan smoothie bowl breakfast vitamix blender

P.S. My friends at Smoothie Mixer are currently organizing a competion where you can win a Vitamix Blender by simply sharing your favourite smoothie recipe (check it out here). We bought ourselves a Vitamix last year and haven’t looked back since. It is very expensive to be fair, but we use it every day and it is very durable. Before the Vitamix I actually broke 3 other cheaper blenders by trying to make banana icecream- luckily with the Vitamix you could even throw your phone in there and it wouldn’t break.

Acai Bowl Recipe Vegan Healthy Food Smoothie Bowl breakfast fruitAcai Bowl Recipe Vegan Healthy breakfast smoothie bowl antioxidants hawaii cleaneating

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Please let me know if you try it at home, I would be super happy to see your creations on Instagram 🙂


Lena F. 17. April 2016 Reply

Vielen lieben Dank, dass ihr euer Rezept hier teilt. Ich bin nämlich schon lange auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Acai-Bowl Rezept. Werde es gleich nächste Woche probieren 🙂

LG Lena |

Jecky 18. April 2016 Reply

Sieht das lecker aus! Mit gefronenem Acai hab ich das tatsächlich noch nicht probiert.

XX aus Nürnberg
Want Get Repeat

Anna Butler 4. May 2016 Reply

Hi my name is Anna and I’m twelve years old I have watched many of your videos and read your blog (I have become vegan ever since) just wanted to say that I love your videos and blog you are so pretty and such an inspiration so many thanks and praises.

    Janine Jahnke 4. May 2016 Reply

    Hi Anna, Wow thank you so much that means a lot to me!! So cool, that you are vegan now 🙂 xx Janine

Anna 12. June 2016 Reply

Liebe Janine,
Ich liebe liebe liebe deine Fotos, deinen Blog und deine positive Ausstrahlung
Ich möchte so gerne auch vegan werden, da ich ähnliche FIgur/Ernährungsprobleme habe wie du damals. Kannst du mir ein Buch/Blog/Instagramaccount oder irgendwas in die Richtung empfehlen woran du dich damals oder jetzt noch orientierst? Und noch eine Frage, wie viele Datteln/Trockfrüchte etc isst du ca tagsüber?Kann das gar nicht einschätzen ob ich es übertreibe 😀
VIele viele Grüße

    Janine Jahnke 12. June 2016 Reply

    Hi Anna 🙂 Danke für deine lieben Worte! Hier ein paar meiner Favourites:
    – Instagram Accounts: Ellenfisher, Lonijane, jiliciousjourney, earthlingmaxi, pamgrzeskowiak
    – Doku Filme: Gabel statt Skalpel, Earthlings
    – Buch: Skinny Bitch, The Starch Solution
    Unter meinen Youtube Videos findest du in der Description Box noch weiter Vorschläge 🙂
    Oh und das mit dem Trockenobst kenne ich! Ich kann mich bei Datteln, getrockneten Mangos etc. wirklich auch garnicht zurück halten. Ist ja auch nicht schlimm! Das ist eh alles super gesund 🙂 Ich schaue halt, dass ich nicht jeden Tag 3 Packungen Datteln verdrücke aber da musst du dir keine Gedanken machen 😉 Ich schätze ich esse so 200g Datteln oder 100g getrocknete Mango alle 2 Tage. Liebe Grüße, Janine <3

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