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5 reasons why travelling is the best therapy

Everybody has their own way of dealing with difficult times: some eat a tub of ice cream, some go shopping and others see a therapist. Something not done very commonly is travelling and emerging yourself...

3 Things I did NOT expect from Fashion Week

As you probably already know by now the Berlin Fashion Week this year was the first Fashion Week I ever attended. Being a total “newbie” I wanted to share my experience with you and...

Why I deleted my Snapchat

I have always had a love & hate relationship with Snapchat. On one hand the app makes it so easy to share intimate moment of your everyday life, which are not “Instagram-worthy”. On the...
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5 Things I learnt from modelling in London

Despite common misconceptions, modelling is about a lot more than just posing in front of a camera. It is about meeting and interacting with others, working with your self perception, becoming truly comfortable with...
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Autumn Classics

Sleeveless Blazer: here// Cigarette Trousers: here// Jumper: here// Bag: here What do you do when you’re in London? You go crazy at the Topshop Store. Let me tell you guys, the Topshop at Oxford...

Winter wonderland

Wow Munich has really turned into a winter wonderland over last two days! Everything is covered in white and it looks so magical. Today I am sadly not going to be out and about...

Christmas time

Merry Christmas Lovelies! I hope you all had a beautiful christmas eve with you loved ones. I spent the evening with my mom, my dad and my sister at home enjoying a delicious christmas...

New in: Triangl Bikini

I am a happy girl! Today the postman brought my first ever Triangl bikini and I love it so much. I have been wanting to get one for over a year and now this...

Barcelona Photo shoot

Hey Babes! Today I got the pictures from one of the photo shoots I did here in Barcelona and I thought I would share them with you. The funny thing is that this photo shoot...

Autumn with Bobbi

The one thing that I wasn’t looking forward to when leaving Crete for Munich was saying goodybe to bikinis and beach days and saying hello to parkas and autumn weather.  Thinking about this made...


Here is the outfit video to one of my recent outfits, I hope you like it 🙂 Hier das Outfit Video zu einem meiner letzten Outfits, ich hoffe es gefällt euch 🙂

Silly faces

Hey babes! I hope you are all doing well! Today me and my sister took some new outfit pictures. We always have such a fun time together, so after we were done we took...