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Usually I am not a big fan of rings. I feel like they are a bit unpractical, for example when you have to take them off to wash your hands (which in my case has lead to forgetting several rings on sinks). But on my last birthday my friend gave me a set of rings

from Zara (the ones I am wearing in the picture), which changed my relationship towards rings. In the beginning they were just lying around in a drawer until one day I decided (out of good will) to wear them. And I was surprised how cool they actually looked, they kind of made my hand look like a piece of art.  So today whenever I put on rings, it’s not just one- it’s gotta be many πŸ˜‰

Bracelet: New Look// Rings: Zara// Heart-shaped ring: Leaf// Nailpolish: Essie (colour sole mate)


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