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Autumn Classics

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Sleeveless Blazer: here// Cigarette Trousers: here// Jumper: here// Bag: here

What do you do when you’re in London? You
go crazy at the Topshop Store. Let me tell you guys, the Topshop at Oxford
Circus is much more than just a shop- it is a three storey paradise that even
has an eyebrow bar, a restaurant and place where you can get your teeth
No wonder that I have already spent
countless hours there. The look I am wearing in these pictures is also from
that Topshop. I would describe this outfit as an “autumn classic”. Not only are
the colours very autumn-y, but this sleeveless vest is also
ideal for the “onion technique” which is very practical for the fall season.
Note: the onion technique is how my dad likes to refer to layering.  If you are unsure of what the weather will be like (which is often the case in autumn) you put on several layers of clothing, just
like the multiple skins of an onion and if it gets too warm you simply peel
yourself out of them- layer by layer- but without the teary eyes 😉


ferry almand 28. October 2015 Reply

Wonderful all outfits , but i love your black leather jacket and you showed us how to carry one jacket in different outfits.

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