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Bali Travel Diary Part 2: Ubud for the night

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Bali Travel Diary Part 2. Hey guys! Here is the second part of my Bali travel diary where I share with you what I have been up to so far here on the Indonesian island. After leaving paradise aka Gili Meno, Julia and me wanted to head back to Seminyak for the last week of our trip. But before doing so we decided to spend another night in Ubud first.

 Bali Travel Diary - Ubud the paradise
This time we stayed at the Bambu Indah resort, which was about 15 minutes from central Ubud. The Bambu Indah is an eco resort located in the most natural environment with a breathtaking view over some rice fields.
It was quite a contrast: we went from island paradise in Gili Meno to tropical jungle feelings in Ubud within only a few hours.
We slept in a traditional Javanese wood house. And as I said before, it felt like we were in a secret little getaway somewhere in the jungle. So during my whole time there I felt so incredibly connected with nature and I haven’t slept better than that night in a long time.
As you may know I am really into healthy food, so hearing that they have their own organic garden made my heart beat a little faster. They use the fresh ingredients from the garden to prepare the meals in their restaurant. So needless to say that Julia and me had to try out their dinner and breakfast. For dinner we had a Papaya Salad (one of my favourite dishes on Bali) and for breakfast we devoured some coconut porridge, granola and fresh fruit- all vegan and super healthy!
If I ever happen to work in a really stressful job, I think a resort like this in peaceful Ubud would be the place where I would spend my holidays. Except for the wifi, there is nothing that could stop you from reading a book, relaxing and listening to the sounds of the jungle.

Bali Travel Diary – my conclusion

Even though we were only there for one night, there were so many fun little details about this place that I will always remember. From the Tarzan swing with which you were able to jump into their chlorine- free eco pool (yep, as you can see my face looks very attractive when doing so) or the tree house they had built from which you could overlook the whole resort and the rice fields, the Bambu Indah resort is quite extraordinary.
I think it’s special places like this one that make travelling incredibly magical and that create memories that will last forever.

my bed in Bali
cozy sleeproom
me and the traditional Javanese wood house
nature in Bali
I am Tarzan
not really Tarzan
relaxing in nature
Bali breakfast
tropical jungle feeling in Ubud

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