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Bangkok Traveldiary

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Hi guys! I think it is about time for a little update from Thailand. As Julia and me are travelling to Bali, we decided to stop over in Bangkok for two nights. Here is what we have been up to  in this crazy city:

We touched down in Bangkok at 6am and then took a taxi to Khaosan Road. There we went straight to our hotel to get some sleep, as we didn’t sleep at all on our 9 hour flight. After our nap we got onto public bus (quite an experience) to the MBK mall, where Julia got her broken iPhone screen fixed- it looks like new now! After that we got a foot massage back in Khaosan Road, which felt absolutely amazing. In the late afternoon we went to the Rooftop Bar of the Sofitel. The last time I was in Bangkok I had already visited the Lebua sky bar with my dad, which however wasn’t as nice as the Sofitel one as it was super crowded and touristy.  We got to sit right next to the glass protection and admired the breath-taking view over the busy city. The drinks there were also super delicious and it was just so magical to watch the sun set and see how the lights take over the busy city.
For dinner we went to my favourite Vegan Place in Bangkok: “Mango Restaurant” and had some Thai Curry. I must admit that it was a pretty awesome day to start to our trip!


Taking a public bus in Bangkok
Breathtaking view over Bangkok from the rooftop bar at the Sofitel
Delicious Mocktails
First things first: Breakfast! We got ourselves a delicious coconut-mango-banana smoothie (so good!) and some freshly cut papaya from one of the many street stalls, which we then took up to eat by our rooftop pool. We spent the morning by the pool soaking up some sun, working on our tan and reading. After that, we decided that it was time for some cultural sightseeing, so we got on a boat and jumped off at the Wat Arun Temple. Sadly, it was under construction, so we just went into the temple next to it. After that we got a taxi to the huge (why are shopping malls in Asia so humongous?) Siam Paragon Mall, where I finally got my imovie fixed, which hasn’t been working properly so I haven’t been able to upload any videos on Youtube lately. So far I have already been filming a lot on our trip- so make sure to stay tuned for an upcoming video on my channel! Anyway, in the evening we got pampered again with a pedicure and a full body massage and after that we had dinner at Ethos, which is another Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangkok close to Khaosan Road.
I love the abundance of delicious fruit in Thailand
The rooftop pool of our hotel
Taking a boat to the temple
Temple sightseeing
Right now as I am typing this I am sitting on the plane to Bali. Only 2,5 hours left until we touch down in Denpasar. I am so so excited! Can’t wait to share more of my adventure with you!


Claudia Oleriny 10. November 2015 Reply

you are so lucky to travel 🙂 I wondered , since your father used to be a pilot, I guess you get discount on flights 🙂 what about the travelling itself? – accommodation, other expenses .. do you make money by writing this blog? hope you dont find this offensive, I am just curious 🙂 ClaudiasNewLife

Magdalena Fenzl 10. November 2015 Reply

Ich liebe deinen Blog einfach 🙂 Weiter so :* Viel Spaß in Bali!Liebe Grüße Lena

Janine Jahnke 12. November 2015 Reply

Yay freut mich voll das zu hören 🙂 Vielen Dank nochmal für deine vielen tollen Tips! Liebe Grüße, Janine <3

Janine Jahnke 12. November 2015 Reply

Hi Claudia, No worries! Just ask away 🙂 I do get plane tickets on a reduced rate, however I have to pay for everything else, such as accomodation by myself. Most of the money I make is from modelling, I however also earn some money with blogging/youtube. xx

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