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Best Vegan Restaurants Bali

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Bali is an absolute food paradise. Not only does the food on the Indonesian island taste amazing, it is also incredibly healthy and so picture worthy. In this article I am going to share the best vegan restaurants in Bali with you. Even if you are not vegan or into healthy food, you will love them nonetheless.


Nalu Bowls

Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu

nalu bowls smoothie bowls bali

nalu bowls smoothie bowls bali

From left to right: J-Bay, Mavericks, Uluwatu

I would gladly fly back to Bali any day for one of the Nalu Bowl smoothie bowls. The bowls just have the perfect consistency, they taste amazing and topped with their home-made granola they are the perfect meal for hot island days. Moreover, do they pretty much only consist of fresh fruit, which makes them a super healthy option.

Must Try Bowls: Mavericks, J-Bay, Uluwatu- actually all of them, they are just too good!

Instagram: here


The Spicy Coconut

North Seminyak

the spicy coconut vegan restaurant bali

the spicy coconut vegan restaurant bali

From left to right: Iced coffee, Berry Colada, Pancake Stack, Fruit Lover Plate

the spicy coconut vegan restaurant bali

Immune Boost Juice

This all vegan restaurants will make your wildest food dreams come true. Open for breakfast and lunch they offer everything from pancakes to smoothie bowls, salads and burgers. The food styling at the restaurants in Bali has been taken to a whole new level of Instagram worthiness, but this place honestly just puts the cherry on top. If you want your food to not only taste amazing but to also look amazing, this is the place for you.

Must Trys: Bliss smoothie, pancake stack, vegan burgers

Instagram: here


Earth Café and market

Seminyak, Ubud

earth cafe and market seminyak

Planet platter, papaya salad & dragon bowl

Another amazing all vegan restaurant located in the heart of Seminyak. What makes this place so unique is the fact that most of the ingredients are organic and everything is so incredibly healthy, e.g. the sweet potato fries are baked not fried, they barely use any oil etc. Their menu is also extensive, offering everything one could ask for: salads, soups, wraps, Indonesian food, pasta- you name it, they probably have it on their menu.

Must Trys: Planet Platter (!!), Falafel sandwich (order as a burrito), dragon bowl, papaya salad

Instagram: here




alchemy ubud vegan restaurant bali

raw sushi, self made salads and juices

I am usually not the biggest fan of all raw restaurants, but this place absolutely changed my mind. Alchemy offers, hands down, the best raw vegan cuisine I have ever tasted. Even Julia who NEVER eats salads devoured the salad at this restaurant.

Must Trys: Make your own salad at the salad bar, raw sushi, chipmunk smoothie, banoffee pie & banana ice cream

Instagram: here


Peloton Supershop


peloton supershop canggu vegan restaurant bali

The champ smoothie

peloton supershop canggu vegan restaurant bali

Picture from Tess Begg’s Instagram here

Another all vegan restaurant located in Canggu that does not fail to make you drool over their menu. They are open for breakfast as well as lunch, however so far I have only been able to try out their lunch options, which range from wraps, salads, tacos over to burgers and buddha bowls. Everything tastes really good and is packed with wholesome food goodness.

Must Trys: The champ smoothie, grill out salad, sweet potato fries

Instagram: here


Sea Circus


sea circus seminyak vegan restaurant bali

sea circus seminyak vegan restaurant bali

Posh smashed avo (without feta), acai bowl, dragon bowl & gun show smoothie

This restaurant isn’t all vegan, but they have a couple of vegan options. They food is styled really beautifully and the colorful outside façade of this restaurant is the perfect spot for a quick Instagram picture.

Must Trys: Pulled jackfruit tacos, acai bowl, vietnamese salad, gun show smoothie

Instagram: here


Best vegan restaurants Bali- you have to try them!

Winning points of all of the above restaurants:

  • Taste
  • Food presentation
  • Instagram worthiness
  • Portion size
  • Healthiness

Loosing points:
None. Oh wait- maybe a very high tendency to get you hooked and to cancel your flight back home from Bali.

After re-reading this post, I realized that it does sound like the biggest advertisement ever. Is it? No. Would I have put in bad points if there were any? Yes. Honestly, all of these places are so incredible and if you ever happen to be in Bali you have to visit them to experience it for yourself.

Talking about a Bali holiday- anybody want to take me back there please? Writing this has made me very hungry.


 Youtube video with all the restaurants here

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