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Boulders beach & penguins

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Hi everyone! If you follow me on instagram, you probably already now that I am currently in Cape Town in South Africa. I had initially planned on going to Martinique for two weeks to do a French course there, but

that didn’t work out so there was a last minute change of plans and my mom and I decided to go to Cape Town. We arrived here one week ago and during this week we did so many amazing things and visited beautiful places. One of them was Boulder’s Beach with its penguin colony. We went there on our first day here and oh my- I can’t even beginn to describe how cute those penguins are: the awkward way they move and their elegant look and body posture make them worth watching! After observing those penguins for some time we then relaxed and tanned at Boulder’s Beach. That day was a great start to our South Africa adventure. Sadly, my mom left back to Germany today, because she has to work. However, I am planning on staying another two weeks so I moved into an apartment with two other models today and I will probably spend the next days going to Castings and exploring Cape Town further. Stay tuned for a lot more exciting updates about my trip! 

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