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China & Bangkok

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Hello Lovelies! Those of you who are following me on Instagram probably know that I was in China and Bangkok very recently.  The reason for that being was that my mom asked me if I wanted to join her to China, as she was going there to visit a Qi Gong workshop.  First I was a bit sceptical about whether to go with her or not,
but then I remembered that I wanted to travel as much as possible during my gap year, even if that meant going to places like China which were never really on my “must-visit” list.  We had planned on staying a couple of nights in Beijing to do some sightseeing before going to Tai’an (a city approximately 2 hours south of Beijing) where my mom’s workshop would take place.
However, the beginning of our trip went everything but smooth. First of all my mom forgot her laptop at the security check in Munich (which meant spending several hours at lost & found) then we got rejected by over 15 taxi drivers at the airport, who for some reason did not want to drive us, just to finally arrive at a hotel where no one really spoke English.
But luckily things got better. We downloaded a Chinese translation app (life saver!) and discovered the beautiful sides of Beijing via several sightseeing tours. We also went to several cool shopping malls and really good restaurants.
One of my highlights was definitely the visit to the Great Wall of China- the view was breath-taking and to get back down we got to slide down this toboggan slide.
After spending a couple of days in Beijing we left for Tai’an.
The stay there was rather relaxing and unspectacular. Most days I joined my mom in the Qi Gong Center.
Despite the fact that I had slowly started liking China, the fact that I was in Asia made me want to visit another country that I felt more drawn to: Thailand. I knew that my mom wouldn’t be able to join me as her workshop was 3 weeks long, so I decided to travel to Bangkok by myself. I chose Bangkok, because I had been there several times before so I thought I would feel more safe travelling alone.
My stay in Bangkok was a new experience for me, because I had never travelled alone before (I had either been with my parents, boyfriend or friends).  From time to time I felt a bit lonely, but I distracted myself by doing a lot of things like visiting markets, malls or temples. The most magical experience in Bangkok for me was when I went to the bar of the Oriental Hotel, which is right by the river. I had a delicious “absolutely mango” cocktail whilst watching the sun set- very romantic! After 4 days in Bangkok and stuffing myself with Thai mango it was time for me to fly back home.
Now I am back in Munich and I already miss Asia! Good that I am already planning my next trip 😉

The forbidden city in Beijing
Hotel breakfast
Rickshaw tour through Beijing

One of the many things I bought 😉
Going up to the Great Wall
The Great Wall of China
My mom outside the Qi Gong center in Tai’an

Wat Po temple
I loved the rooftop pool!
Thai orchids at the market
Damnoen Saduak floating market

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