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Hey guys! So I thought it was time for a little travel update from Thailand. When we arrived in Bangkok at 6am (1 am German time) we were super tired so we went straight to the hotel to take a nap. Afterwards we did a quick tour trough Bangkok visiting Khaosan Road, Silom Village, the Patpong
Nightmarket and taking a boat ride along the river to the Oriental hotel where we had some cocktails. In the evening we had dinner at the “Mango Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant” which was absolutely amazing- if you are in Bangkok you should definitely check it out!
By the way with “we” I mean my dad and I.  The reason I am travelling with him is because he has a week off and he really wanted to travel somewhere. My mom unfortunately couldn’t join him because she wanted to stay in Munich and support my sister who is currently studying for her final exams. So I decided to go with him!
Anyway, the next morning we had to get up super early, which was hard for me as I had only slept 2 hours due to jetlag, to catch our flight to Koh Samui. With the plane it only took one hour to get there. The view just before landing was absolutely breath taking as you fly really close over the neighbouring islands and you get to see the crystal clear water and white sand beaches from above.
This morning I slept until 12 am (hello there jetlag) and went to the beach straight after. In between tanning and sipping coconut water (my new obsession!) I also rented a surfboard and did some surfing attempts, as there are some little baby waves here. Tomorrow we will probably rent a motorcycle and explore the Island! 

Bikini: Triangl Swimwear// Sunglasses: Ray Ban


Claudia Oleriny 11. April 2015 Reply

I am kind of jealous of all your travelling 🙂 I usually travel during spring, a lot during summer and then during the autumn and winter as well .. And I thought that was a lot of travelling but comparing to you..:)) also, lovely pictures!!ClaudiasNewLife

Sarah 11. April 2015 Reply

Wow…werde im Juni auch dort sein, bin schon ganz gespannt. 🙂 Wollte demnächst anfangen mich vegan zu ernähren, fällt mir leider hier schwer bei meiner Gastfamilie in den USA, also wollte ich nach meiner Ankunft in Deutschland anfangen und fände es toll wenn du weitere vegane Restauranttipps aus Thailand weitergeben würdest. Oder eventuell mal ein Artikel über das vegan sein. 🙂 würde mich freuen!Liebe GrüßeMein Lifestyle- und Reiseblog:

fitwithkim 13. April 2015 Reply

Es gibt doch nichts schöneres als die Welt zu sehen! Obwohl dein Bikini da schon ziemlich nah rankommt 😛

Janine Jahnke 15. April 2015 Reply

Toll, dass du das vorhast! Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es echt schwer ist bei einer Gastfamilie mit der veganen Ernährung. Ja kann ich gerne machen- wo genau in Thailand würde es dich denn interessieren? Ich habe bereits eine Post darüber geschrieben wie ich vegan geworden bin, was ich in Restaurants bestelle usw. Die findest du hier: Vielleicht hilft sie dir ja weiter 🙂 Alles Liebe, Janine

Janine Jahnke 15. April 2015 Reply

I am currently doing a gap year so I am trying to see as much as possible of the world 😉 Thank you Claudia! xx

Janine Jahnke 15. April 2015 Reply

Vielen Dank, ich werde es sicher noch genießen! 🙂

Worldsessed 16. April 2015 Reply

Wirklich TOLLE Bilder… Und wie Braun du Bist!! TOP!

Edelwess 16. April 2015 Reply

Wooooww you are beautiful and your swimsuit are very well to you 🙂

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