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Comfort zones

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The best things in life happen when you step outside your comfort zone. During my stay in Cape Town I have found so much truth in that saying. Whether it was moving into an apartment with two complete strangers or dancing half-naked in front of the camera for a bikini commercial castings– those things felt really uncomfortable at first but after I did them I was damn proud of myself.

The same applies for fashion.
When I first saw this circle skirt at Topshop I thought it looked so cool, but I knew that the rather extravagant design was a little over the top for me and that I would never actually wear it. “That skirt is kind of huge”, I thought, “people would just stare at me.” But then I thought about it: how are you supposed to grow if you never try anything new? How was I supposed wear fashion and represent it on my blog if I didn’t challenge myself a little? So I bought the skirt. And guess what? I don’t regret it and I have even gotten compliments from strangers on the street about it.
Not so far out of my comfort zone were the crop top (my summer essential!) and the yellow bag (how can you not fall in love with it?) that I paired with the skirt.
Because even though a step outside the comfort zone can be quite fun it is nice to maintain a balance between challenge and security. 

Skirt: Topshop
Top: Topshop
Bag: Topshop
Shoes: New Look


Äni 28. February 2015 Reply

Tolles Outfit!Gefällt mir sehr gut! Du bist so eine Hübsche :)und wie wahr, was du sagst, man muss raus aus der Komfortzone, um das richtige Leben entdecken zu können!xxani von ani-hearts ♥

Claudia Oleriny 28. February 2015 Reply

Who would it say that this skirt is so nice on! I wouldn´t probably wear by myself, it is not my style, but such a nice piece. And the bag, I love it! 🙂ClaudiasNewLife

itsSabinat 1. March 2015 Reply

Stunning ! love your blog :)

Marta Skripnik 2. March 2015 Reply

Amazing outfit!!! love it))xo

Anonym 3. March 2015 Reply

Tolles Outfit! Ist der Rock aus einer älteren Kollektion? Werde im Internet leider nicht fündig.

Janine Jahnke 3. March 2015 Reply

Ich habe den Rock im Topshop in Kapstadt gekauft, da ist er gerade erst neu reingekommen. Er müsste daher aus einer neueren Kollektion stammen. Habe ihn auf der Website aber auch nicht gefunden :/ <3

Just Myself 4. March 2015 Reply

Du hast so Recht – die schönsten Dinge passieren wirklich, wenn man etwas riskiert und Neues ausprobiert – eben außerhalb seiner "Comfort zone"Liebste GrüßeLuise von

VANESHION 4. March 2015 Reply

Wow – wunderschön! Einfach ein perfekter Style!xx, Vanessa

Katharina 4. March 2015 Reply

Ein faszinierender Look! Sehr elegant und wunderbar kombiniert <3Liebst,Katha

Aurelie As Mounette 19. March 2015 Reply

Really amazing, you do right in buying this skirt! I don't find it on the eshop:/Love this look, your are so beautifull!kissAurélie

Janine Jahnke 19. March 2015 Reply

Thank you Aurélie 🙂 Yes I think I was very lucky that I bought it in the shop, because I also didn't find it in the online.xx Janine

Maddie Rhea 10. August 2015 Reply

I absolutely ADORE this look. It's so classic and beautiful! I love that you chose yellow as your accent color. Perfect. And the skirt is just a masterpiece. Love the waffle print and the perfect shade of grey!

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