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Corse through my phone

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Overlooking the beautiful harbour of Bonifacio
Pistachio Sorbet- yummy!
The harbour of Bonifacio
My icecream & me caught in a romantic moment
My sister and I found this cute, hidden spot. Perfect for a morning swim!
Bobbi & me. Bobbi loves lying in the sun!
Pizza Time!
Got this pretty Leo dress at Gina Tricot last summer
The harbour of Porto Vecchio
Café spot in Bonifacio
The beaches in Corse are just so beautiful! 
At the moment I have 1.845 pictures on my camera roll. Quite a lot. Therefore it is no wonder that many nice holiday pictures get lost in the mass of selfies, inspirational quotes and other semi interesting Iphone footage. Whilst I was scrolling through my pictures the other day I discovered that I still got some snapshot from Corse that I haven’t shared with you yet. So here you go: the French island Corse through my Iphone 5 lense. Enjoy!


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