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When he doesn’t text you back: the 3 stages girls go through

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Written by Julia

Who doesn’t know the struggle: There is that guy you are texting, and all of a sudden he just stops replying out of nowhere. Regardless of whether you were texting him because you like him, or you just because you were bored- you will go nuts and think of all the possibilities why he isn’t replying and eventually just come to the conclusion that maybe his roommate’s cousin’s gold fish died or his right arm was amputated in a shark attack during a spontaneous weekend trip to pacific ocean.

In the process of coming to this very absurd and very unlikely conclusions you will go through the three stages of denying. This applies to both cases. If you like him it’s obvious why, and if you only texted him out of boredom, the reason why you still want him to reply is because you are not getting the attention you deserve.


he doesnt text back

The 3 stages Girls go through when he is not texting back


1) Re-reading the last conversations for mistakes

It’s been a solid hour since your last text and he hasn’t replied yet. Maybe you misspelled something or autocorrect made your life a living hell. Our female nature gets us to go back two days in the conversation and proof read everything in hope of finding the error and correcting it. Lucky (or unlucky?) you couldn’t find any mistakes. Think again- he is online right now! This is his chance, common boy hit those buttons and smash in a kick as response like “soz babe busy playing footie, what you up to beautiful” and make me feel like the princess that I am. Of course he doesn’t and just goes straight offline, which makes the situation worse and leads you straight to the next stage:


he doesnt text back


2) Getting attention else where

Show him what he’s missing. Time to get your attention elsewhere, and what better way is there than to make use of the wonderful tool called social media? The possibilities are endless: post a drop dead gorgeous selfie on Instagram, right swipe his best friend on Tinder, update your cover photo to a bikini picture on Facebook or share a sexy snap on your story so he can admire your beauty for 10 whole seconds. Taking one of these steps will help you in multiple ways: either he will finally text you or you will receive 5 new snapchats and 2 new whatsapp messages from ex lovers and lovers to be.


he doesnt text back



3) I didn’t like him anyway

The last step is complete and utter denial. If it has been more than 48 hours and you still haven’t heard from that bastard, meaning you need to keep up your ice cold, cool girl façade and tell yourself what we all tell ourselves : “I didn’t like him anyway”. And if you say it often enough to yourself, you might start to eventually believe it. Until in 4 days time  you see “Hey” pop up on your phone and your heart drops to the floor- just for the whole game to start all over again…


he doesnt text back


Mercedes Amalia 11. September 2016 Reply

This is soo funny!! Julia, do you have your own blog? You definitely should have one too 🙂

Katja 11. September 2016 Reply

Great post 😀 please start your own blog Julia!

Leonie 13. September 2016 Reply

Hahaha, super Post Julia 😀 Und leider auch so wahr 😀

Super mädels <3 xxx leonie von

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