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Dubai Desert Safari

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Do you know those precious moments, that you just want to put into a jar and keep, so that in 10 years from now you can open it up again and relive the memory? Walking through the dunes in the Dubai desert with nothing but sand as far as the eyes can see was one of those moments. During our week in Dubai Julia and I did a desert safari, which was definitely one of the highlights of our trip and once again reminded me why I love travelling with every inch of my heart.

We booked our Desert Safari with Platinum Heritage Tours, which is apparently one of the companies in Dubai. We got a pick up from our hotel in the afternoon and drove straight to the desert, which took around 45 minutes. There we got into a vintage Land Rover and drove through the dunes.

I honestly could have spent the whole day driving around the desert in that Land Rover, because the view was absolutely surreal- unlike anything I have ever seen in my life before. When we stopped to walk through the dunes, I felt like I was in a national geographic travel magazine.

Desert Safari Dubai travelblogger

Desert Safari Dubai travelblogger land rover
Desert Safari Dubai travelblogger

Desert Safari Dubai travelblogger land rover

Desert Safari Dubai platinum heritage tours travelblogger

After that we watched the sunset in the desert and had dinner at a Bedouin camp. We had previously informed them that we are Vegan, thus they were extremely accommodating and made us a really tasty vegan meal. At the camp you also had the option of doing a camel ride or getting a Henna tattoo done. My highlight of the safari was the stargazing session in the evening, where we an astronomer told us about all the different constellations in the night sky and showed us Saturn and Mars through the telescope

Lying down somewhere in the middle of the desert, gazing up at the pitch black sky and admiring the star constellations that are many light years away was absolutely fascinating. It once again reminded me how small we all really are, how insignificant our earthly existence is in comparison to the infinity of the universe and how much we don’t know.

Desert Safari Dubai travelblogger platinum heritage tours

dubai desert safari sand dunes

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desert safari dubai dunes travelblog

Desert Safari Dubai travelblogger

Moments like those make me realize that we should make the most out of our earthly experience.
We can’t fail.
There is just so much out there, so many possibilities, so much magic.



Luise 7. August 2016 Reply

Genau solche Momente und Erinnerungen machen das Leben aus und ich finde es großartig, dass du/ihr soviel aus euren Möglichkeiten macht und das Leben genießt <3

Liebe Grüße
Luise |

Janine 26. August 2016 Reply

Love your Blog and your Instaaccount, I am now Fan of your style and you are really “jolie”.
My dream is to look a little more like you, actually I am a Janine too:)) and just starting my new fashion and lifestyle Blog!

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