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New star dancer earcuff & choker- Jolie Janine x Stilnest

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I am so excited to finally share the two new additions to my star dancer jewellery collection: the star dancer ear cuff and the the star dancer choker.


When designing them, I really asked myself: What would I want to wear? I think these new pieces perfectly represent the feel behind the collection: they are dainty and minimalistic, yet they feel very special when you wear them.

New pieces

Star Dancer Ear cuff

I love this ear cuff, because it looks a bit edgy and upgrages every look instantly.
It is also amazing, because since it is an ear cuff, you can wear it without having pierced ears.
With clip on earrings like this one, you often find that many feel uncomfortable after wearing them for a while- not this one! When you put it on, you won’t even feel that you are wearing it, yet it stays in place perfectly.

Shop the ear cuff here

Star Dance Choker

This choker was actually the first piece that came into my mind when thinking about the designs that I wanted in the new collection. I love dainty and minimalistic jewellery, so this chocker necklace is absolutely perfect. Thanks to the fact that it is relatively short, you will be able to see this necklace with everything you wear and it won’t be hidden underneath your pullover for example.
Moreover, are you able to adjust the length of the chocker to make it suitable and comfortable for you to wear, which I think is really important with chocker necklaces, since some will feel like they are actually “choking” you.

Shop the choker here

More pieces from my collection

Lariat Necklace

Shop the lariat necklace here

Full Moon Necklace

Shop the full moon necklace here


Shop the earrings here


Shop the ring here

All pieces are available in silver, gold & rose gold.
For more infos about my collection check out this post

I hope you love the new pieces as much as I do ♡

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