Favourite Summer Songs Playlist

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A song isn’t just a song. It is a feeling, a memory, a person. It may be that time you danced like crazy in a club or when you went on a road trip with your friends, all of you singing your favorite tune from the top our your lungs. A song only becomes special if it is connected to a memory. This month I have discovered so many cool new tunes, which whenever I play them take me back to a certain time. I really want to share my favourites with you, so here is my summer playlist that I have been playing non stop:

1) Burn Fast- Bryce Fox

This song is incredible and I can never stop myself from singing along. Enjoy!

2) Cool Girl- Tove Lo

Who doesn’t want to be that cool girl, who doesn’t give a fu**? This is the right tune, if you want to get over a boy who just doesn’t care, because it will convince you that you care even less.

3) In my mind- Maty Noyes

Let’s be honest- summer isn’t really relationship time. This song is another cool “who cares about that boy” vibe song.

4) Closer- The Chainsmokers

Want to go on a roadtrip? Well after this song I definitely want to.

4) Cruel- Snakehips ft. ZAYN

Another one of Zayn’s uber sexual tunes. Yes please!

5) Capsize- FRENSHIP

Summer vibes deluxe with this catchy tune.

6) Unsteady- Justin Caruso Remix

Us girls know this song from the romantic movie “Me before you”. This remix is a little cooler and less emotional.

7) Cold Water- Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber

Yes I know this song is currently playing everywhere, but it will still be one of my all time favourites this summer.

8) Scars to your beautiful- Alessia Cara

Empowering song with an awesome beat.

9) Looks like Sex- Mike Posner

I have been loving Mike Posner lately. This song is also a winner.

10) Wake me up- Avicii

Janine- this song is like 3 years old??? Yes I know, but what is better than rediscovering old songs that you once loved so much? This is honestly one of the best songs ever.

I hope you like these tunes! Let me know if you would like me to share my playlist with you more often!

xx Janine

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Leonie 20. August 2016 Reply

Tolle Idee mit der Musik, besonders weil ich endlich welche gebraucht habe! <3 😀

xxx , leo von

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