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Finding my way in this crazy journey we call life

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Life is crazy. Just the other day I had to think about what strange paths it takes us. When I finished school two years ago I could have never ever imagined that I would be travelling around the world, blogging, youtubing an even earning money by doing so. In school, I always envied those girls with the good cameras and the pretty profile pictures. Truth was: I used to suck at taking photos and I was one one of the last people to sign up to Instagram.

When I was small I used to love being in front of the camera. My dad always used to film holiday videos (amateur style) and whenever I saw the camera I used to jump in front of it, to document our travels and share my opinion about basically everything. Sometimes my dad also tried to get Julia in front of the camera to make her talk. Whenever that happened, I had to defend my reporter job and push her out of the shot (not very nice I know- sorry Julia!).
When I considered what I should do/study after school I oftentimes got the advice: “What did you like to do when you were younger? What was your dream job growing up? Do something along those lines!”
Well that sounded like a good idea, however my dream jobs as a kid ranged from tennis instructor, doctor, painter to teacher. At some point I was also certain that I wanted to study physics after watching a documentary about life after death and how that could be investigated by looking at another dimension in physics. Moreover, when my grandma died I promised myself to study medicine and find a cure for cancer. Turned out none of that was right for me.

Dream Big
Back when I was small and Gluten was still a thing
Back in the day when Julia and I didn’t have our phones to play with yet
Looking very bavarian on my first school day

Now, I am slowly starting to realize that somehow, whenever I had considered what I used to love as a child I forgot about some of my biggest passions. Number one being talking and reporting (as I previously mentioned) and number 2 being writing.

I have always loved writing in school. Whether it was a short story or a poem analysis- writing was my thing. Do you know that feeling when you get Goosebumps, because you are in your zone and everything feels so right? I get that feeling when I write a text that is meaningful and close to my heart.

Anyway, I think that life sorts itself out if you let it and don’t rush into things. Imagine if I would have followed my initial plan and studied medicine right after school? I think I would be suppressing my creative passion and felt miserable. Right now I actually have no clue where everything is going, but I know it is going in the right direction.
I would love to continue working with my Blog/Instagram and travelling the world, which is my number one Inspiration.


My first attempts with  photography were simply stunning. Not.
Instagram Feed on Fleek back in 2014
I was into filters, not the most flattering ones though

So far this has been a lot of talking about me, but basically what I want to bring across is that anything is possible if you dream big enough. You can work your ass off, but if what you do doesn’t align with your passion and “true calling” it will get you nowhere. When I was in school I always told myself: “I want to be successful when I grow up, I want to have my sh*t figured out, have a good amount of money so I can live carefree and pursue my goals to the fullest.” Well, I am not certain how things will turn out and but I don’t think we should be ashamed of our dreams. Sometimes if you tell others about your ambitions, they will tell you to be more realistic or put you down, because somehow in our society dreaming big is often seen as a sign of arrogance. However, this is simply because others oftentimes don’t want to see you do better them. Ignore that, because by focusing on your dream and believing in it you are one step closer to achieving it.

After I graduated and I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life


Jolie Janine
The first ever outfit published on

Finding your way in life oftentimes also means letting go of stuff that is just not meant for you. For some time, I used to be obsessed with the idea of becoming a really successful model, I wanted to get signed with the best agencies and work full time. I ran to thousands of castings, tried to get my hips to 90cm and repeatedly got angry at the fact that I am only 174cm tall (which is a little too short for modelling). Somehow, this whole modelling thing didn’t work out for me, which I only now understand why. It thought me so much, like how to pose in front of a camera, what a well composed picture looks like or how fake adverts are, but I am glad that I don’t have to do it for a living. I still do modelling jobs in Munich for online shops or catalogs (which is more for the money than because I actually love it) but I guess you will never find me working full time in the industry.
By letting go of the of forcefully trying to model full time I made space in my life for things that give me back so much more and that are in alignment with what I want to be doing on this planet.
Sometimes certain things aren’t made for you and that is ok. If something doesn’t come easy and feels like a lot more work than fun, then maybe it is just not the thing for you.


First polaroids of a rather unsuccessful modelling career


arno al-doori
At least I got some pretty pictures out of it 😉

If I have learned something in life, then it is to never limit yourself to anything. Just because, you were born in a certain place at a certain time in a certain body, to a certain family you are not defined to to be anything. In this life you can choose your path and the ONLY way that you will every be successful in anything is by doing what you love.

Promise me one thing: Dream big!

xx Janine


Silke Schuster 30. August 2016 Reply

So inspiring ?

Ella Valentinova 31. August 2016 Reply

Great post, Janine! I feel exactly the same way, every single word of it. I am a writer too and I have been struggling to find my place in London for 8 years now and I am going to France in 10 days without any work or resources, by the beach to write my book and follow my heart. I just have to do it, whatever happens. I have been told many times to be more grounded and not to live in my dream world but I never listened and I never will. I want to send the same message as you are – that the only way to stay true to yourself and be happy is to be fearless in the pursuit of your dream, and sometimes on the way, during that journey you may discover something even more important. The question is to follow that path, the right path for you and the right things will come.

I’d be extremely happy if you follow me on insta: @briela even though my photos aren’t that good (for now! :))
Keep it up, girl! Lots of love xoxo

    Janine Jahnke 1. September 2016 Reply

    Hi Ella, Wow that sounds super interesting! Amazing to hear that you are following your heart too. I honestly wish you the all the best of luck in France, I am sure you will do great 🙂 Lots of love xx Janine

Selin Mina 1. September 2016 Reply

Wow, was für ein schöner Post! Du sprichst mir mit dem Thema wahrlich aus der Seele. Man sollte nicht allzu sehr darauf achten was andere denken und seine Ziele/Träume ruhig mal etwas höher stecken! Die Kinderfotos sind auch zuckersüß.
Liebe Grüße,

Jane 3. September 2016 Reply

Yes I loved reading this post! it’s so relevant to my situation now.. I graduated high school last year and did one semester of university before deciding to leave because i didnt truly love it. now I’m working and saving up to move abroad next year Xxx if i decide i want to continue my will always be there. being young and having no strings attached only lasts so long!

    Janine Jahnke 6. September 2016 Reply

    Yes 100% agree with you! If you won’t do it now, you never will 🙂

Reni 7. September 2016 Reply

Thanks Janine for posting this!:) I’m going through a lot of the things that you mentioned, so it’s encouraging to know I’m not the only one struggling…even though it seems that way at times.

Lena 11. September 2016 Reply

Wow ! Hammer Post, wirklich inspirierend!
Ich finde es verlangt viel mehr Mut seine Entscheidung zu ändern als bei ihr zu bleiben.Und ich finde man muss vieles ausprobieren bis man zu dem richtigen gelangt.
Liebe Grüße und alles gute an dich <3


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