5 detox tips for a spring cleanse no fasting jolie janine
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5 detox tips for a spring cleanse (no fasting!)

Springtime is the best time for a cleanse. Everything in nature renews itself in spring to fully blossom in summer. Since all your body’s processes are naturally aligned with nature, it is ideal to...
vegan chocolate smoothie bowl
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Vegan chocolate smoothie bowl recipe

I am actually obsessed with smoothie bowls. They are super nutritious and the perfect healthy alternative for when you are craving ice cream or something sweet. Especially in summer, I basically have a smoothie...
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Vegan breakfast inspiration: creamy coconut, banana oatmeal

Oatmeal has got to be my current favourite breakfast. Not only is it super filling and delicious, it is also such a healthy option. If you are looking for vegan breakfast inspiration, you need...
best vegan restaurants bali jolie janine travelblog
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Best Vegan Restaurants Bali

Bali is an absolute food paradise. Not only does the food on the Indonesian island taste amazing, it is also incredibly healthy and so picture worthy. In this article I am going to share the...

Acai Bowl Recipe

Since having the best Acai Bowl ever on Maui, Hawaii last year I am absolutely hooked. Not only are they extremely healthy- they also taste amazing! My sister Julia worked at Munich’s best Acai...
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Vegan Leather Shoes

When I first went Vegan I did it for health/weightloss reasons and did not bother very much about the ethical side of it all. Now, one and a half years later and after watching several documentaries...

Healthy & Vegan Mango Icecream

I must confess: I am an absolute Mango junkie. Together with dates and bananas mangos are my favourite fruit for sure.  This morning I felt like having something refreshing for breakfast: so I made...
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Raw vegan banana-raspberry cake

Who doesn’t love cake? I definitely do.  But what I love even more is a cake that it is so healthy that it is absolutely guilt-free. This raw vegan banana-rapberrry cake is refined sugar...

Low fat vegan christmas treats

With christmas being around the corner my house has basically been filled with the tempting smell of christmas cookies non-stop, as my dad somehow rediscovered his love for baking. Needless to say that the...

Smooth start to the day

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” -Robert A. Heinlein I completely agree with the quote above. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and I...