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The perfect Island Getaway: Gili Meno & the Mahamaya Boutique Resort

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Picture this: white sand beaches, turquoise water and barely any other tourists- that is what Gili Meno looks like. Thanks to several recommendations Julia and I had decided to travel to the island after our time in Ubud. On Gili Meno we stayed at the Mahamaya Boutique Resort, which made our island getaway absolutely unforgettable. Keep reading for crystal clear water and picture perfect beaches (yes I get jealous of myself when I look at these pictures now).


From Ubud we took a shuttle bus and then a boat to Gili Trawagan. There we hopped onto another smaller boat to Gili Meno. When we arrived on the island it felt like we were stranded in paradise. The water was so turquoise; these pictures can not do it justice. I think that’s how you know that you are somewhere truly beautiful: When your camera can’t capture the beauty of the moment.
Gili Meno is actually a really small island. There are no cars or scooters on the island and the only way of transport is by bike or by horse-drawn carriage. You could also walk around, as the island’s circumference it’s only 5 km.

The Mahamaya Boutique resort is located right by the beach and at check-in we were told that our room got upgraded to the beachfront villa.  That moment Julia and I looked into each other’s eyes, trying to hide our excitement and not squeal like teenage girls. I think it is safe to say that the beachfront villa totally spoilt us.  Sorry future husbands- but it will be hard to beat this experience  😛
We had a huge bedroom, a bright bathroom and an outdoor shower (I love outdoor showers). Our villa was right by the beach, so when I got up in the morning, opened the curtains, saw the turquoise ocean and the white sand beach I had to pinch myself: I was really in paradise.

As the island is so small, all you will find on it are restaurants and a few diving schools. Thus the best thing to do on Gili Meno is to just lie by the beautiful beach and relax. Also, the Mahamaya Boutique Resort rents snorkelling equipment for free, so we went snorkelling right in front of the resort, which was simply incredible. Never before had I seen such beautiful corals and as many fish as there on Gili Meno.
Apparently if you go snorkelling really early in the morning you might also see some turtles.
Apart from snorkelling equipment the Mahamaya resort also rents bikes for free, so in the afternoons Julia and me did some cycling to explore the place a little.

As an island Gili Meno is very much dependent on the mainland for most of their resources, that’s why the Mahamaya is an eco friendly resort. Instead of plastic water bottles, you can refill your own glass bottles and they aim to act in a generally sustainable way, which I am a huge fan of!

Ok now let’s talk about food 😉 After having cycled around the island Julia and I were certain: The Mahamaya restaurant is by far the nicest. We had breakfast and lunch there everyday and they have a lot of vegetarian, lactose-free and gluten free options indicated on the menu. Our breakfast favourite was the whole grain toast with peanut butter and bananas and from the dinner menu it was the green tofu curry.

Our stay on Gili Meno at the Mahamaya boutique resort was definitely one of the most memorable parts of our Bali trip so far.
It is amazing to see how people live a simple life on such a small island. They are happy, friendly and they live together in peace. It is quite a contrast to the oftentimes stress-filled, busy life in Europe’s big cities.
Being on Gili Meno has sharpened my senses for the beauty of simplicity and of nature. I feel like I was really able to recharge my batteries and regain a state of peace whilst I was there. It was truly the perfect island getaway!

Thank you so much to the Mahmaya Boutique resort for everything!
For more information about the resort check out their website:

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