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Hard Rock Hotel Bali

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I think it is safe to say that this year’s birthday was one of the best of my life.  This was mainly due to being able to celebrate in beautiful Bali, but also thanks to the Hard Rock Hotel Bali in Kuta where I got to spend my birthday weekend. Keep reading for my personal review of this rocking Hotel.

Hard Rock Hotel Bali- The Location

It is hard to beat the location of the Hard Rock Hotel Bali. It lies right at the beginning of the Kuta Beach promenade, thus it is within walking distance to Kuta’s main tourist attractions, such as the discovery shopping mall or the waterboom park.
To get to the beach you only have to cross the road, but at the same time the hotel is up a little driveway, thus a little protected from busy Kuta.

The Room

We stayed in a Deluxe Room.  The room was very spacious, clean and well furnished. For me the most important thing about a hotel is how well I sleep in a room, and here I slept like a baby and also like a rock star 😉

The Pool

After we checked in and unpacked our backpacks we wanted to go straight to the pool to cool down. Then the question came up: which pool? The Hard Rock Hotel Bali has a huge main pool, aswell as Chill Out Pool, which a little more quiet. We decided to head over to the bigger one, where we rented a private Cabana, which was so cool! We had our own little private hut from which you could go straight into the pool via a ladder and which came with a free floating donut rental (yay for feeling like a kid again).  We didn’t even have to miss the sand at this pool, as they have a “Sand Island”, which is little artificial beach with white sand.

The Spa

During my stay I also tried out the Rock Spa, where I got a one-hour traditional Balinese massage, which was absolutely amazing! Probably the best massage I have ever gotten. It is a little more expensive than getting a massage at one of the spas by the streets, but totally worth it. The atmosphere in the Spa is so calming and relaxing and the staff is beyond friendly. My treatment started with a ginger tea and a questionnaire, where I was able to write down exactly how I liked to have my massage pressure (I prefer light to medium) or which areas they should focus on (foot & head feel amazing in my opinion).  The massage itself was incredible. I felt so at peace and relaxed after- like a newborn baby 😉

Breakfast & Food

Every morning we got to enjoy our breakfast at the Rock Royalty Lounge, which is usually reserved for guests of Suite rooms. We decided to sit outside to enjoy the view over the Chill Out Pool. They have a buffet inside, as well as an à la Carte Menu to choose from. Julia and me went for the fruit platter, because they fruits here in Asia taste simply amazing.
Apart from breakfast we also had lunch and dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali. We ordered our lunch at the Splash Bistro by the pool, which got delivered straight to our private Cabana- what a service! Sitting tight by the pool we enjoying the “Healthy Salad” and wraps with hummus, veggies, avocado and tofu (so good!).
At dinnertime we went to eat at Starz Diner, which is a buffet offering everything from local Balinese food over to Indian dishes and a pasta bar where you can create your own pasta meal. They had a couple of vegetarian options, so I ended up trying out the Mediterranean grilled veggies and they Indian chickpea curry, which was really yummy.

Rockin’ extras

What truly makes the Hard Rock stand out are its rockin’ extras. At the main pool you can dive deep and still enjoy the music, which is playing above the surface, as they have speakers underwater. Furthermore, the day we arrived there was a foam party by the pool, which was super fun. Julia and me jumped straight into the foam bath and played around with the bubbles.
If you are into music the Hard Rock Hotel Bali is a must for you, because guess what? You can order a mini DJ Set and pretend you are Avicii or Hardwell whilst playing around with some tunes. Even though I had to realize that I will probably never become the next big DJ it was so fun to try out the Mix Program.
The Hard Rock Hotel Bali really makes it their priority for you to have a good time. On my birthday they surprised me with a cake in the shape of a guitar! The staff is extremely friendly and obliging. Oh and did I mention that the waiters by the pool wear inline skates when they serve you a cooling juice? Yep, the Hard Rock Hotel Bali is full of rocking little surprises.

Thank you Hard Rock Hotel Bali for the great time!

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