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Hotel Oderberger Berlin

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With every Hotel I travel to there is always one unique aspect that defines my stay there. During our trip to Berlin for Fashion Week in July we were accommodated by the Hotel Oderberger and this particular stay was made especially memorable by the hotel’s history and the friendly hotel staff.


To start off, I want to point out the hotel’s convenient location. First of all was it close to the Kaufhaus Jandorf, where the fashion shows took place, but secondly and more importantly it was within walking distance to my favourite vegan restaurant in Berlin: Superfoods and Organic Liquids.

Now going back to what made my stay at the Hotel Oderberger unique. The hotel used to be a big public swimming pool before it got renovated into a hotel, which I think is pretty cool, especially since they kept the pool which can still be used by hotel guests.

Moreover, the staff at the hotel so so incredibly friendly. I don’t think I have experienced friendlier hotel staff in Germany before. Also, they had a big vegan selection at the breakfast buffet, which always wins my heart.

Fore more impressions of our stay, check out the following pictures:

Hotel Oderberger Berlin

Hotel Oderberger Berlin

Hotel Oderberger Berlin

Hotel Oderberger Berlin pool

Hotel Oderberger Berlin breakfast

Hotel Oderberger Berlin breakfast

Hotel Oderberger Berlin breakfast

Hotel Oderberger Berlin

Hotel Oderberger Berlin

* in collaboration with Hotel Oderberger


Colleen Kummer 31. August 2017 Reply

Looks beautiful!

Tim 5. September 2017 Reply

Looks, like you had an awesome stay at Hotel Oderberger. Especially the picture at the old swimming pool and with the neon sign are cool. I like the style of this Hotel, too. You said, your favorite vegan restaurant in Berlin is Superfoods and Organic Liquids. What is your favorite meal there?

I’m excited to here your story about Stockholm.

Keep up your work! 🙂

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