How to be the most stylish version of yourself

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I am going to be perfectly honest with you: before I started blogging I was never really into fashion.
I mean, I did care about wearing nice clothes and I picked up the occasional fashion magazine, but
it wasn’t until I started with joliejanine that I realized the power of clothing.  Why was it that when I put on a killer outfit and heels to shoot a new look post I suddenly felt sophisticated, inspired and
ready to meet any of my ex boyfriends? Quickly I realized that wearing nice clothes isn’t about being superficial- it is about showing the world who you are- or who you aspire to be. Here are my top 5 tips on how to become the best-dressed version of yourself:

Clean up your closet.

Get rid off all the clothing items that you no longer wear and that you don’t see the future more stylish version of yourself wearing either. By selling or donating those old clothes you will not only have more space in your wardrobe for new pieces, it will also feel like a new, fresh start.

Get inspired.

Inspiration is the key when it comes to fashion. Cut out some of your favourite outfits from magazines (it doesn’t matter if they are new or 5 years old) or print out your favourite bloggers’
looks to create a collage/mood board, which you can then stick onto your closet for daily fashion inspiration. IMPORTANT: make sure to mainly pick looks that you can style with the current content of your closet. If you only choose outfits that you will never be able to recreate yourself, the effect fails and you will only feel bad about not being able to wear those looks.


Through Blogging I actually started to experiment with fashion and began wearing clothes I usually wouldn’t wear out on the street. I always try out different styles, from boho to grungy over to preppy chic in order to add variety so that my look posts don’t become monotone. By putting on a totally
different outfit, I feel like I am becoming a new character, just like an actor who slips into a costume. Through discovering different styles, I also discover new sides of myself. I guess you could call it self-discovery through fashion, but I mean how are you supposed to find your own style if you don’t play around a little?

Stay true to yourself.

Whilst experimenting with fashion you should always underline something that is “totally you”. For example, I usually don’t wear a lot of heavy jewellery and I am not an extremely girly girl, but I do like nice bold prints and boyish pieces. If you would never wear a top braless or put on a miniskirt, please don’t do so for the sake of fashion. Showing off the real you will add a unique touch to your looks.

Buy for your future more stylish self.

Whenever you go shopping try and imagine your “future more stylish self”. What would she/he want to wear? What is she/he going to look like? How is she/he going to feel in these amazing outfits? Try and only buy clothes that your stylish future self would want to wear and ask yourself if you really need that striped T-shirt, because let’s be honest it will be the 7th stripy shirt in you little collection. Also investing in good quality pieces is always the way to go. I’d rather buy one nice top than five cheap shirts, because I know that it will last me longer and it won’t be full of holes after a month of wearing it.
Here are some of my personal wardrobe staples that you have probably seen me wear a lot:


After all remember that fashion is about having fun. It is a great way to discover new sides of yourself through the looks you are wearing. Go out there and show the world who you are!




Claudia Oleriny 26. September 2015 Reply

I love reading you posts 🙂 very well written. I agree with it – I cleaned up my closet, trying to sell the stuff I no longer wear, also I try to invest in pieces that you can match with others and that are the basis – black jeans, nice shoes, white tshirts etc .. before I started bloging I used to wear horrible pieces and now I am trying to style everything and try to wear what I want , even though I am not that far as you are 🙂 ClaudiasNewLife

Alena Köhler 28. September 2015 Reply

Ein toller Beitrag! Dein Style ist wirklich gut & du hast absolut recht damit, dass Mode ausdrückt wer man ist! Das sehe ich genauso!!xx

Thomas 26. October 2015 Reply

Sehr nette Zusammenstellungen! Super Outfits! Da sieht man, was Mode und Styling ausmacht 🙂

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