Ibiza Guide: Vegan Restaurants & Must-Dos

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I spent 5 nights in Ibiza and I absolutely fell in love with the island. I had only been there once before for my school’s graduation trip, which to be honest left me mainly with memories of dark nightclubs and people making full use of the “all you can drink” offers. This time however, we rented a car and got to experience all of Ibiza’s beautiful sides. Here is my personal guide to Ibiza: vegan restaurants & must-dos you shouldn’t miss out on.

Where to stay in Ibiza?

Unless you want to party, I wouldn’t recommend staying at Playa d’Bossa, since it is crowded with party tourists and drunk people. Sant Antoni is also a popular spot for party folks, but it is closer to Ibiza’s nice beaches, so that would be a better alternative. We stayed at Ibizazen in the North East of the island. I was looking for a peaceful and quiet hotel and I ended up finding Ibizazen through a friend. If you are looking for an abode of peace on the island I can highly recommend this beautiful boutique hotel to you.

ibizazen ibiza

ibizazen ibiza

Do I need a car?

If you want to really experience Ibiza, I highly recommend renting a car. It will enable you to go to the most beautiful spots on the island.

Vegan/Healthy restaurants Ibiza

Ibiza is definitely a vegan, healthy food heaven! They have lots of cute, healthy cafes all over the island. Here are the ones I tried and loved:

Passion Café

This was my favourite café on the island. They have several locations on Ibiza, so you will definitely find one close to you. I loved the one in Sant Antoni, because of its pretty interior. Their homemade fries, vegan burger, chunky monkey acai bowl (!!) and “best ever chocolate smoothie” are must tries on the menu!

passion cafe ibiza

passion cafe ibiza açai bowl

passion cafe ibiza vegan

passion cafe ibiza smoothie


We went to this farm to table restaurant for dinner and it was the most beautiful and romantic experience. They have lots of vegan options and when we ate there, they even played live music. A must!


This vegan restaurant is located in Ibiza Old Town and offers a variety of plant based dishes. I had the rice paper rolls and the Asian stir fry noodles- both were delicious.

Natural Pau

This café is also located in Sant Antoni and offers flexitarian food for an affordable price. They also have some super cute “Instagram-able” swings in the café.

Nude Café

This café is also in Ibiza Old Town and is great for lunch. The smoothies are not that great, because they are too liquid-y, but the avo toast was yummy. Alex had a wrap, which was also delicious.

Restaurante la Paloma

I got lots of recommendations to go to this place. If you want to eat there- make a reservation! We went there for lunch one day, however it was so busy that we decided to head somewhere else. The location was beautiful though and the food on the plates looked mouthwatering.

Can Guimo

When La Paloma was full for lunch (see above), we looked for another alternative close by and found Can Guimo. They have different lunch special, juices and cakes. We opted for a baked sweet potato, topped with chickpeas, seeds and a tahini dressing. I would go as far as saying that it was probably one of the best sweet potatoes I have ever had.

Must dos in Ibiza


Cala salada

In my opinion, this is by far the most beautiful beach in Ibiza. We went to multiple other beaches on Ibiza, which really couldn’t compete with this one. The water is crystal clear and you can jump in from the rocks! However, make sure to arrive at this beach early in the morning (before 10), because otherwise the parking will be full.

Ibiza Guide: Vegan Restaurants & Must-Dos

Ibiza Guide: Vegan Restaurants & Must-Dos

Ibiza Guide: Vegan Restaurants & Must-Dos

Ibiza Guide: Vegan Restaurants & Must-Dos

Punta Galera

This beach is a very cute and small. It has a really nice beach restaurant with multiple veggie options, where you could have lunch.

Cala Comte

Similar to Cala Salada, the water at this beach is turquoise and crystal clear. The Sunset Ashram there is a popular spot to watch the sun go down in the evening.

Ibiza Old Town

Ibiza old town is such a cute place to visit in the afternoon/early evening. It is beautiful for photos and great for shopping in the little boutiques. If you are there I would definitely recommend going to Simbiosis for dinner afterwards.

ibiza old town

ibiza old town

Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà is an uninhabited rock island located 2km off the west coast of Ibiza. It is a well known for its special energy and a popular sight for sunset. Unfortunately when we went, we just missed the sunset by a few minutes- it was beautiful nonetheless. If you are planning to go, just put “Torre de Savinar” into Google Maps and it will lead you to the closest parking.

Ibiza Guide: Vegan Restaurants & Must-Dos

Ibiza Guide: Vegan Restaurants & Must-Dos

These are all my Ibiza tips, which I was able to gather during my 5 days there! If you have anymore tips/restaurants that shouldn’t be missed on Ibiza, please do share them in the comments below!

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Ibiza Guide: Vegan Restaurants & Must-Dos

Ibiza Guide: Vegan Restaurants & Must-Dos

Ibiza Guide: Vegan Restaurants & Must-Dos


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