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It’s a journey, not a destination | Why feeling lost is not a bad thing

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Lately I have been feeling lost regarding pretty much every aspect in my life. From my study plans to my career path over to my relationship and my family up to the big question of where I want to live. I felt so much uncertainty and instability that all I was craving were answers and clarity. I wanted to finally “arrive” and be at a place where I could settle and be content with my life the way it was. I thought that if I just figured out where I wanted to live, what I wanted to do with my life and who I should be with, I would be happy.

All this lead me to live in my head and to overthink everything. Searching for the solution, for my personal “epiphany” made me feel stressed out, instead of getting me anywhere. I was so focused on finding answers, that I forgot to live along the way.

At one point I realize that the only thing that was really in my power was to let go and just keep doing what felt right, because as they say: It is not about the destination, it is about the journey. Life isn’t black or white, good or bad, a yes or a no- just because you haven’t fully figured something out, it doesn’t mean you are not on the right way. Similarly, if you are currently walking your path in life, but you don’t know where it will take you, keep going anyway- you don’t need to justify or explain something that feels good to you. Feeling lost and questioning everything is oftentimes viewed as a struggle, whereby it can be a good thing, because it helps you to review your current life situation, adjust anything that is not getting you to where you want to be and it encourages you challenge old habits and beliefs.

We are so obsessed with arriving somewhere, with achieving something and with being someone. However, if we don’t appreciate the path that gets us there, no matter how great the outcome may be, it will feel meaningless.

The truth is: you don’t need to have your shit figure out right now. You don need to know what job you want to work in for the rest of your life, you don’t need to be with the person who you are going to marry and nor do you need to reach all your life goals in the next 2 years. Life is a process and there are plenty of tomorrows. All you have to do is be happy with what you have and with what you are doing. If you are not, have the courage to choose a new path at the next intersection in your life. Your passion and your love towards the things and the people in your life should be your navigation system along the way, not the opinions of others or that of society.

“We are so obsessed with arriving somewhere. Truth is: you don’t need to have your shit figure out right now. You don need to know what job you want to work in for the rest of your life, you don’t need to be with the person who you are going to marry and nor do you need to reach all your life goals in the next 2 years. There are plenty of tomorrows.”


There is a time and place for everything. If a certain situation or decision doesn’t come easy to you right now, there is a reason for that and sometimes the best you can do is to let it go and let life do its thing. We shouldn’t force ourselves into a certain path just for the sake of arriving. We shouldn’t make decision just for the sake of security and clarity. By doing so, we would completely skip the process and jump straight to the outcome. This leaves out any opportunity for change, failure and improvement. Only by embarking on a path you will be able to tell if it is the right one for you, and if it is not, you can still make changes along the way.

One day you will realize that following your way, living, taking in every moment, failing miserably and trying again was what made your life to the unique experience that it is. Please don’t skip the development, the life lessons, the heartbreak, the love, the tears, the surprises and the dreams for a comfortable and safe solution. Eventually everything will fall into place and you will understand exactly what every step along the way was supposed to teach you and why things happened the way they did.

Keep trusting. Keep dreaming. And most importantly: keep going.
Life is a journey, not a destination.

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Annalena 15. October 2017 Reply

Dieser Blogpost bedeutet mir gerade so viel. Genau so geht es mir im Moment. Ich bin als Au Pair in Amerika und langsam hat es sich entwickelt, dass ich super unglücklich wurde, ich bin im Rematch, muss eine neue Familie finden. “Was mach ich hier überhaupt?” Alles fühlt sich so instabil an, es kommen Gedanken wie “Ich will auf keinen Fall heim”, aber auch Gedanken wie “Vielleicht ist das auch einfach nichts für mich.” So lost hab ich mich wahrscheinlich noch nie gefühlt, aber dein Beitrag sagt mir auch, dass das okay ist, und das ist es auch. Manchmal muss man einfach darauf vertrauen, dass alles so kommt, wie es kommen soll… 🙂

    Janine Jahnke 16. October 2017 Reply

    I feel you! Wow, ich kann dich so gut verstehen. Ich bin mir aber sicher, dass alles gut wird! Ich wünsche dir nur das Beste! Liebe Grüße, Janine

Reni 16. October 2017 Reply

This is so True! I’ve been feeling the exact same way and I’m so glad I’m not alone with it. I’ve also switched to a “journey” mindset instead of a “destination” mindset because arriving somewhere made me anxious and stressed out. It also made me envy other people who seemed to have it figured out. The truth is I’m not sure where I’m a going to “arrive” because I have multiple passions and goals. So I had to learn to just embrace it all and go with wherever life calls me. It’s such a relief!

    Janine Jahnke 16. October 2017 Reply

    Thank you for your beautiful and insightful comment. It was truly a pleasure to read it! Keep doing you 🙂 x

Malin 16. October 2017 Reply

Vielen Dank, mal wieder, für diese wunderbaren Worte Janine! Du inspirierst mich immer wieder mit deinen Blogposts und Ich kann mich so gut wiedererkennen in deinen Lebensthemen und bei den Gedanken die du hast.
Sodass ich mich nun wieder etwas motivierter und gedanklich freier fühle für einfach das nächste was kommt, was auch immer es sein mag und keine Rechtfertigung dafür zu suchen immer noch nicht zu studieren oder etwas “Vernünftiges” “sinnvolles” zu machen. Ich bin dankbar für das was ich erlebe und für die Erfahrungen die ich, wie du, auf Reisen gemacht habe und für das Leben was ich lebe und ich vertraue mir dass ich einen Weg gehen werde der mich erfüllt und es sich alles so ergeben und fügen wird. Das Leben kommt nicht mit einem Haus und einem Job und einem Ehemann um die Ecke sagt dir: so ist es richtig und damit wirst du glücklich.
Das spannendste ist immer der Weg zu etwas und ist es nicht dann noch spannender wenn man nicht weiß wie dieser aussieht?
Wenn man mich fragt was ich denn mal werden will kann ich zumindest diese Antwort geben: “glücklich”!
Mach weiter so Janine :*
Malin ’21

Tim 16. October 2017 Reply

Beautiful words! You are describing exactly what most Millenials feel. We are so lost in between all the expectations and “perfect” ways to live, that we struggle to find our own way of a happy life. As you said, it’s a journey not a destination. I often struggle to remind myself that I can enjoy the process and not just the outcome, but I think we are all here to learn and make the best out of this crazy thing called life. Thanks Janine for this blog-post 🙂 I’m glad there are persons like you out there, that empower other ones to create their individual dream-life!

shruti 16. October 2017 Reply

I think some times we just need to have faith in the universe that it will bring us to the right place, person and situations when we need and are ready to face them. Nothing goes in life as we actively plan it anyway, especially for wandering souls. Beautiful post and it is great to read something I can so strongly relate to. Liebe Grüße, Shruti

Samuel Ko 17. October 2017 Reply

Beautifully said! I love it when people share their inner thoughts and wisdom. Although our lives are at the moment completely different (a straight male in socal living the coding journey with a passion for all things involving the sun+outdoors), this blog is definitely a beneficial read to anyone regardless of their current career, journey, or aspirations.

One quote I wish to share for positivity:
“You are enough, and you are right where you need to be.”

    Janine Jahnke 22. October 2017 Reply

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful quote!

Krissi 22. October 2017 Reply

Omg, dieser Beitrag ist soo gut geschrieben und du hast absolut recht! Man muss und kann nicht sein komplettes Leben auf einmal planen, von vorne bis hinten. Es ist wichtig, Dinge auszuprobieren, zu scheitern, es nochmal zu probieren, Erfolg zu haben, Neues zu erleben, zu entdecken, zu lernen. Darum geht es doch im Leben, nicht nur darum, was am Ende dabei herauskommt. Wie du sagst: Das Leben ist kein “Ziel”, kein Endergebnis, sondern eine Reise, ein langer Weg, eine Achterbahnfahrt mit Höhen und Tiefen und Loopings zwischendrin. So soll es doch sein <3

Ganz liebe Grüße,
Krissi von the marquise diamond

    Janine Jahnke 3. November 2017 Reply

    It is from Faithfull the brand 🙂 xx

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