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Lago di Garda

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I think the reason that I did not take as many pictures as I wanted to in Italy was because  I was mostly out on the water windsurfing. My days at the Garda Lake would look something like this: Wake up, then go for a quick morning swim in the lake, have breakfast, go to the beach for a tanning session, read, have lunch and then head out on the water to windsurf all afternoon.

I did however manage to take some snapshot which I wanted to share with you:

View over the lake. Get the top here

Windsurfers in the water. In the background you can see Torbole where we stayed.
Julia and me after our morning windsurf session- Hangloose!!
Me surfing
This is Julia’s bikini 😉 She got it on Sale from Forever 21. Don’t mind my tan lines 😛
Julia and Bobbi at our camping place
Bobbi seems to enjoy our family holiday

I hope you are all enjoying your summer! Where are you spending/have you spent your summer holiday? 

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