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Are you living or merely surviving?

Oscar Wilde once said: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”. This sums up the dilemma of today’s society: We live in a world of excess,...
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My current music playlist (2)

To be honest, the last few months have been a bit dry regarding the discovery of new songs. Somehow I just couldn’t find any good tunes on Spotify. However, now I have finally been able...
Porsche Tennis Grand Prix with bareMinerals
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Porsche Tennis Grand Prix with bareMinerals

When I was in Germany I got to attend the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart with bareMinerals. The  Tennis Grand Prix is a women’s indoor tennis tournament starring some of the best international female...
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5 reasons why travelling is the best therapy

Everybody has their own way of dealing with difficult times: some eat a tub of ice cream, some go shopping and others see a therapist. Something not done very commonly is travelling and emerging yourself...

Favourite tunes- my current music playlist (1)

Getting a good song recommendation or discovering a fresh tune makes me so incredibly happy. There is nothing better than having a new song stuck in your head, because when it comes on in...
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My favourite songs at the moment- current playlist

At the moment I am honestly obsessed with discovering new songs. Nothing can change your mood and bring back memories as quickly as a good tune can. This is my current playlist to which...
Zalando Bread & Butter
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Zalando Bread & Butter 2016

Last weekend Julia and I travelled to Berlin for 3 days to attend the Bread & Butter Event by Zalando. This year was the first year that this trend show was opened up to...

Yoga- my top tips on how to get started

Yoga is one of my favourite hobbies. Apart from being an amazing stretch, protecting you from injuries and improving your balance it is also a great workout.  Moreover, it is the ideal addition to...
Summer Songs Playlist

Favourite Summer Songs Playlist

A song isn’t just a song. It is a feeling, a memory, a person. It may be that time you danced like crazy in a club or when you went on a road trip...
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How to get a dark tan- 5 tips on how to achieve the perfect tan this summer

Since posting a lot of tan pictures on Instagram lately, Julia and I have been getting a lot questions about how we get so tan and if we have a tanning secret. Thus, I...
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How I take and edit my Instagram/Blog pictures

If you want to start a blog, get professional with Instagram or simply spice up your feed a little bit: pictures are they key. Appealing pictures that reflect who you are and what you...