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Hey guys! I am sorry for being absent from my blog the last couple of days. I was in London from Tuesday until yesterday night. My trip to the city was short but intense. I am actually still undecided whether I like the English capital or not. Thus, I made a Pro & Con List of my London experience.
Pro (let’s start with the positives)
  • It is indeed a shopping paradise. Topshop, Victoria’s Secret, River Island- you name it, London’s got it.
  • There are a lot of yummy vegan restaurants. I ate at ‘Food for Thought’ (relatively cheap) and ‘Vantra Vitao’ (my favourite!) which were both really tasty vegan places. Also, let’s not forget to mention ‘Whole Foods’ where you can basically find anything a health foodie could dream of.
  • British accents. Enough said. Ok maybe not: I thought it was so adorable how everyone just calls you ‘darling’ over there.
  • It is super expensive. Seriously, from the money I spent I could have probably gone for a 2 week holiday in Thailand.
  • The weather. Ok, we all know that England isn’t famous for its weather, but when the wind is blowing sooo much and it the rain drizzles down, walking through the streets of London is seriously not fun.
  • The underground has too many stairs. The amount of stairs I had to take to get to the tube in combination with all the walking around I did makes me really want to get a foot massage right now.
Overall, I guess London is a great place when you are staying in a nice hotel in the centre of the city and you have lots of spare money to go shopping. I stayed in an Airbnb one hour from the heart of the city, I was travelling on a budget and I am not a big fan of bad weather, thus I would rate my stay there as ‘average’. No doubt, it is a cool and vibrant city, but it will surely will never become my favourite.


Lara Rose 10. May 2015 Reply

You look gorgeous and so is your blog!! Have a great day!X

Mia Huber 12. May 2015 Reply

Oh ich LIEEEEBE London! War letztes Jahr auch im Mai und hatte noch meine Winterjacke an, aber wenn die Sonne raus kommt ist es so toll da.Unbedingt noch mal hinfahren und ihr eine zweite Chance geben, und unbedingt weg von den Tourispots, Londons Straßen, Märkte und Parks sind sooo toll :)Aber jaHab mal einen Post über London gemacht:

Janine Jahnke 12. May 2015 Reply

Du hast Recht, ich sollte der Stadt glaube ich echt noch eine Chance geben 😉 Deine Post ist super schön und macht echt Lust drauf sich doch noch mehr anzuschauen <3

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