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London Traveldiary

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“I am beautiful just the way I am”, “I am good enough”- I’ve kept replaying these matras over and over in my head for the last days. So far I have mostly been going to Castings here in London, and when you always end up being the shortest and the “fattest” girl it does start nagging on your self confidence. 
Nevertheless, I am really enjoying these Castings, because they are such a great practise when it comes to believing in myself and I feel like I always learn something from them.
Also, they make you wander through the whole of London just so that you find the casting location. Thus, I was able to see a lot of the city already and discover some lovely areas.
But what am I saying? I have probably spent 80% of my time in the Whole Foods Store at Picadilly Circus sipping on overprized green juices and eating Quinoa. Haha as I am typing this on my Ipad right now I am actually sitting there and drinking a kale, celery, apple juice.
Yesterday I went to a cute restaurant in Notting Hill with a super lovely girl, whom I had connected with over Instagram. Gosh- I love Instagram! If it wasn’t for the app I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people!  Now it is time to put my Ipad back into my backback and head over to the big Ben with one of my flatmates to take some pictures- tourist style 😉

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Claudia Oleriny 18. September 2015 Reply

I love London! It is my fave city of all, it has something special that others cities dont have .. 🙂 nad I love your style and outfit in this post, so chic and elegant 🙂 ClaudiasNewLife

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