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As I am writing this I am currently 37 000 feet above the ground somewhere above Bulgaria. In approximately 8 hours I will reach my destination: Bangkok. This is the third time within a year that I am travelling to Thailand- still I am excited like a little kid.

Travelling never looses its Magic. Whenever I travel somewhere I am able to let go of everything that has worried me at home and I can open my mind for new impulses. Every time I am on plane I watch the houses and roads become smaller and smaller until I am above the fluffy clouds I realize how small we really are. How small I really am. There are so many people out there and so many possibilities. Sometimes we get too caught up in our little world, in the problems that we create in our head that we forget to see the bigger picture. The whole world is an adventure, an infinite pool of possibilities that is just waiting to be discovered.
These pictures are from a very magical moment in Cape Town, South Africa.  It was just before the sun was about to set that I put on my new River Island dress and went down  to the beach with my mom to take some pictures. The post-sunset light was drowning the sand in a golden-glow, there was a crisp breeze blowing and my head was filled with content and wonderful memories of a beautiful day in Cape Town. It was absolutely magical.

Dress: River Island// Gold Tattoos and Headpiece: Asos


Äni 8. April 2015 Reply

Wooow, du bist so eine Hübsche!Sehr schöne Worte!xxani von ani-hearts ♥

Sarah 9. April 2015 Reply

Fliege auch im Juni nach Bangkok, ist für mich aber das erste mal. 🙂 Bin also schon sehr gespannt auf deine Bilder! Und finde deinen Text ganz toll, es stimmt wir sehen unsere Welt manchmal viel zu klein, deshalb unsere Probleme auch viel zu groß…Liebe Grüße! :)Mein Reise- und Lifestyleblog:

Fashion Petite 9. April 2015 Reply

Wow sehr schöne Bilder! Ich war schon länger nicht mehr in Bangkok! Schönen Urlaub!!LG Lynda

Floortje van Cooten 10. April 2015 Reply

Fantastic look! Love the photosMake sure you check out my Marc Jacobs and Douglas give-away! I am sure you’ll like it! :)XXhttp://www.floortjeloves.com

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