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Matching Set: here

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been over a week that I have been here on Corse. Just like the Garda Lake, Corse is also one of those places where I have spent many of my childhood summers. Here I always used to catch dung beetles with my sister attempting to train them so they would one day be able to do tricks (needless to say that never happened).
But apart from the similarity that many of my summer vacations were spent there, Italy and Corse are so different.  Staying at the Garda Lake in Italy is always more about action: whether it’s going windsurfing, mountain biking or partying at night, there is never a boring moment. Corse is quite the opposite; it has some beautiful, untouched nature and is such a calming and relaxing place. It is the perfect spot to recharge your batteries.
Whilst staying on the island I have been doing a lot of Yoga. One day I even got up at 6 am and together with a group of people and we hiked up the nearby lighthouse were we did Sun Salutations and other Yoga exercises whilst the sun was rising. After that we went to a cliff from where we jumped into the ocean! Such a great start to the day!
A couple of nights ago I wore this matching set from SheIn for dinner. Somehow I just have a thing for matching sets. I think reasons number 1 is that they always make you look totally fashionable and reasons number 2 that they are “no-brainers” meaning you don’t have to worry about which shirt works best with your shorts- the set is always going to match 😉


Anonym 27. August 2015 Reply

I see you talking so passionate about the pain of the animals but supporting she in isn't better than meating eat because thousands of people (also kids) often die because of the irresponsible work that are given by those huge company's.

Face0nfleek 28. August 2015 Reply

I love your outfits <3

Madison Walsh 28. August 2015 Reply

Being vegan isn't mutually exclusive. Just because we care about animals doesn't mean we don't care about kids working in horrible conditions. It just means we do what we can every day to minimilise suffering. We're not perfect and we're not going to be able to avoid causing harm completely, but we just avoid it when we can. Besides, are you vegan? Do you support companies that use mass factories? 'Next time you point the finger, I'll put you to the mirror.' -Paige, from

Janine Jahnke 2. September 2015 Reply

Your words really got me thinking and I think you are absolutely right. However, I feel like sometimes it is really hard to act "100% ethically correct. Most companies such as H&M, Zara etc. produce their clothes in sweatshops and sadly only very few brands care about where their clothes are made. Thank you so much for your constructive criticism! it is something that I will surely think about!!

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