Multi row necklaces for under 30€

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When it comes to jewellery my favourite pieces have got to be necklaces. The current trend: Multi row necklaces, which are multiple necklaces of different lengths connected to one.

What I love about multi row necklaces is that they can quite effortlessly pimp up any look. You don’t have to worry about mixing and matching your necklaces, you can simply put on a multi row one and you are sorted. Thanks to their different lengths they also create a nicer, more “dressed up” effect than a simple, plain necklace. Here are my favourite multi rown necklaces for under 30€ and some inspiration on how to style them.

Multi row Necklaces for under 30 Euros

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☾Inspiration Multi row necklaces styling ☆

multi row necklace styling inspirationPictures from Pinterest

☾ Pieces from My Jewellery collection ☆

The pieces from my Stardancer jewelry collection here are not multi row necklaces, but due to their different lengths you can easily wear them that way too.

stardancer jewelry collection jolie janine

stardancer jewelry collection jolie janine

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