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Wow this year has truely been amazing. I don’t think there has been another year in my life which has been filled with as much change, self-discovery, stress and adventures as 2014.

School Craziness
From January to May 2014 I was completely occupied with school. I went to an international school in Munich where I did the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. Everyday I would be in school from 8 oclock to 5 oclock in the evening, and when I got home I would have a crazy amount of homework and studying to do. I barely had time for hobbies, so whenever I had a free minute I used to try and get some physical activity like going to the gym in, to give my head a break from studying.  Another break from the school stress for me also used to be travelling to Sweden. I would fly there around every third weekend to visit my friend Freddie, who used to go to university there.
The study stress probably reached its peak in April, when we had two weeks of “study leave” before our exam. During that time I spent every day in a public library in Munich studying.
The night before my first final IB exam in May I could barely sleep, because I was so nervous. I must say that the two week final exam period in May was probably one of the most physically and mentally exhausting things in my life ever. After I finished my last exam I was so so incredibly relieved but I still was not able to fully comprehend that I was now forever done with school.
Looking back, all the effort I put into school was really worth it, because I graduated with 42 IB points out of 45 possible ones, which makes me very proud of myself.
The day after writing my last IB exam I flew directly to Sweden. We had a really good time and it was so nice for me to know that there was no more school stuff I had to worry about. I really   love Sweden and one of the highlights of this five day trip was our visit to the Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg.
Getting ready to party 😉
A couple of days afer coming home from Sweden, I had to pack my suitcase again: this time for our school graduation trip to Ibiza. During the week in Ibiza we did either one of two things: clubbing or tanning at the beach to recover from a hangover. However I must admit that I was probably more of a “party pooper”, because everyone else went out clubbing every single night, whereas I stayed at the hotel for  4 nights and only went out 3.  It was nice to spend time with my entire grade, before everyone would head off to different parts of the world to go to uni.
My mom, my dad and I at my graduation ceremony
The day after we got back from Ibiza was the day of our graduation ceremony, which wasn’t that great for most people because they were sick from all the partying and the lack of sleep in Ibiza. It was a really emotional day for me and my whole family, because it marked the end of my school era and the beginning of a new unknown stage in my life.
Turning vegan
Between April and June I discovered the high carb vegan lifestyle and I decided to turn vegan. In the beginning I did this mainly for health, weight & beauty reasons, but now I know that veganism can do much more than that. Veganism can potentially cure world hunger, save the planet and most importantly it is the only way that we can live with respect and love for our fellow earthlings. About a week ago I watched the best documentary ever: cowspiracy. I strongly recommend everyone to watch it! For a more detailed post about my vegan journey click here.
At the beach in Ko Phi Phi
At one of the beaches we visited during our “5 beach tour” from Krabi
Feeding an elephant with bananas
At the beach in Koh Phangan
The amount of mangoes I used to have for a meal- really miss Thai mango!
The first big trip for me after finishing school was backpacking around Thailand for a month. We flew to Bangkok over Abu Dhabi and stayed there for two nights. From Bangkok we flew to Phuket with Air Asia and stayed there a couple of days. Then we went to Koh Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, Krabi and Railay beach afterwards. After exploring the south west of Thailand we drove to the south east coast and went to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. From Koh Tao we then travelled back to Bangkok where we spent another 5 days. My favourite places were: Koh Phi Phi, Krabi and Koh Samui. I had such an incredible time and I am so so greatful for the amazing experience. I hope I get to visit Thailand again soon 🙂
If you would be interested in a more detailed post about Thailand (hotels, money, restaurants, sightseeing etc.) please let me know by leaving a comment below this post!
Avicii in Vienna
For his 20th birthday I had given Freddie tickets to see the Avicii concert in Vienna. So a few days after returning from Thailand we took a bus to Vienna, checked in at our hotel and went straight to the concert. It was so hot that day and we had to wait quite a bit until Avicii came on stage but it was totally worth it. I loved the festival atmosphere and the energy of the crowd. I would have loved to stay longer than one night to explore Vienna properly, but hopefully I can make up for that soon and plan a short trip there.
Lago di Garda- Italy
Evening view over the lake
One of my favourite hobbies: windsurfing
Ready to go to the beach 😉
My friend Marisa and I at Wind’s Bar
Vegan Pizza
Since I am a child my family has been going camping at the Garda lake in Italy every summer. We love to go there, because everyone in my family really enjoys windsurfing and the lake is a great place to windsurf! This year we did the same thing again, however this time my friend Marisa joined us for a week. Most nights Marisa, my sister and I went out partying at the most popular bar there, which was so much fun!
The Great Wall of China
In September I travelled to China with my mom, because she wanted to do a Qigong seminar there, so I thought I would join her. It was a really crazy experience, because the culture was so different to the other Asian countries I had visited so far.
For more about my trip to China click here.
Bangkok by myself
One night I went to the riverside terrace of the Oriental hotel and ordered a “absolutely mango” cocktail- so delicious!
From China I then flew directly to Bangkok by myself. I was there for a week, which I spent exploring Bangkok further, visiting the floating market and eating lots of delicious fruit. Sometimes I felt a bit lonely being all by myself, but I always felt safe and it was a good experience to travel alone.
Starting my blog
I started my public instagram in June, but it wasn’t until September when I kicked off my blog. I am so happy I got into blogging because I enjoy it so much! I am really greatful for all my amazing followers, and the support I get from them. Thank you all!
In the end of September I did a short two day trip to the Netherlands to look at universities there.
If you want to see more pictures of that trip and know exactly what I did click here.
Crete- Greece
My next trip was in October when my sister, my mom and I (my dad had to work) went to a Robinson club on Crete for a week. We spent most of the time relaxing, soaking up the sun and enjoying the amazing food.
At Camp Nou watching Barcelona play Sevilla- crazy experience!
I spent most of November in Munich working, but in the end  of the month I got the chance to travel to Barcelona for two weeks. This was because my model agency from Munich sent me to an agency in Barcelona, so I was able to stay at a model apartment there. Most of the time I went to Castings, which was a really good way to explore the city. I also did some sightseeing and I even watched a football game at Camp Nou.
Read more about my Barcelona trip here.
Innsbruck, Kitzbühel, Stubai
Winter wonderland in Stubai
In December I spent a day in Innsbruck and a day in Kitzbühel for a modelling job. I also went snowboarding twice: once in Sölden and once in Stubai. Now that it has been snowing again I can hopefully go a couple of more times.
Wow writing this post, I do really realize how fortunate I am that I got the chance to travel to so many places. I am truely greatful for all the amazing people that were with me in 2014 and that made this year so special. Right now, I actually feel like crying whilst typing this, because it has been such an emotional and wonderful year! I am so thankful and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!


Thuy Pham 10. January 2015 Reply

amazing summary x you had a great year:)

Anonymous 1. July 2016 Reply

Hi Janine! Just came across your blog and I love it! What IB subject combination did you take? 🙂 xo

Laura 13. February 2018 Reply

Ich finde deinen Blog echt super und wollte dich deswegen fragen in welcher Klassenstufe du eigentlich auf die internationale Schule gewechselt bist? Und war es für dich schwer,weil halt alles auf Englisch war oder war das kein Problem? Und hattest befor du auf die internationale Schule gegangen schon Unterricht auf Englisch?

    Janine Jahnke 15. February 2018 Reply

    Hi Laura, In der 7.Klasse bin ich mit meiner Familie nach Asien gezogen um dort für 3 Jahre zu leben. In der Zeit bin ich dann auf die internationale Schule dort gegangen. Als wir dann wieder nach München gezogen sind war ich für 1 Jahr auf einem deutschen Gymnasium. Ich wollte meinen Abschluss aber unbedingt auf einer internationalen Schule machen, daher habe ich für die 11. und 12. Klasse Schule gewechselt. LG Janine

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