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My 20th Birthday on Bali

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Now it is official: I am no longer a teenager. On Saturday I turned 20 and call me dramatic, but it feels like a big milestone in my life. To be honest, I actually approached this birthday with mixed feelings.

Being 20 would mean that I could no longer hide behind my young age. People would probably stop saying  “Oh you are still SO young” or “it’s ok you are only 19”.  In your 20ies you usually graduate from uni, start your job, get married and even have kids- or at least that’s what society expects you to do.
Moreover, I was a little scared of turning 20. Scared, because of the realization of how quickly time had passed. I have already spent 20 years on this planet, which is a pretty long time if you ask me. There are still so many more things I want to do, see, explore and experience. I know that I am still young and I still have a lot of time, but this big birthday really made me realize that time is a precious gift.
Especially in the light of the recent happenings in Paris, one starts to realize that every moment should be cherished, because one can never know how much time there is left.
After thinking a lot about what turning 20 means for me I started to realized two things. First of all: age is really nothing more than a numberand time is a concept too complex for anyone to ever fully grasp. If we focus too much on time (how old we are, how much time we take for certain task etc.) we get caught up in something we will never understand instead of focusing on living and being. Secondly: life is all about experience. Everything that happens in our lives, whether it is good or bad, sad or happy is part of our journeys. We are here to live. To experience. To feel. To be.
I am proud to turn 20, because in a way it shows how much I was already able to experience. It shows that I was fortunate enough to spend 20 years on this amazing planet.
I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to thank everyone- my family, friends, followers, blog readers, friendly people on the street- for being in my life and for each and everyone adding to it in their own way.
Here are some pictures from my birthday celebration at the Potato head Beach Club in Bali.
Julia surprised me with these raw vegan cakes in the morning- so cute!
… and she also organized these roses. So sweet of her!
Potato Head Beach Club’s infinity pool
This Bathing Suit was Julia’s present to me. I love it!
Yummiest & prettiest drinks ever to celebrate my 20th birthday.



Grace 9. January 2016 Reply

Hi Julie, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experiences with IB, veganism and life in general. I have lived in Asia for several years, finished the IB, am 20 years old and a vegetarian, so I appreciate the reflections you have made through your different social media platforms! Keep glowing and taking life by the steering wheel! I wish you all the best and would like to say that your blog is amazing.

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