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Guys, I am so excited! Today my very first own jewelry collection that I designed together with Stilnest is finally launching! I have been working on these pieces for some time and now that they are finally out,  I really couldn’t be any happier with the result. When it comes to jewelry I am very picky: the pieces must be timeless, unique, eye-catching and most important of all: have a special meaning. Continue reading to see more picture of the collection, read about what inspired me and find out how you can get your hands on them.

My main inspiration for the “Star Dancer” collection was the universe and the night sky. Whenever I look out at the stars and moon at night it reminds me of the endlessness of the universe and the infinity of possibilities that are out there.

Oftentimes we get caught up in our pointless and unimportant problems that we forget about the bigger picture. We tend to worry about money, our job, what we look like etc. when in reality we only have a finite amount of time on this planet and it is our duty to spend it doing as much of what we love as possible. We need more moments that make our eyes sparkle and our heart beat faster- moments take truly make us feel alive.

Whenever I worry about something I remember that I am only one of approximately 7.5 billion people on this earth. Yes, this thought might make your existence sound meaningless and insignificant, but for me it is a motivation. Just like when I look out into the endlessness of the universe at night, it makes me realize that if I am already so small non of my so called “problems” will ever be significant. I can attempt anything I want. If I fail, there are a million other possibilities on this planet (not to speak of this universe).

I believe that everything comes together and at some point we will be able to tell exactly why the pieces had to fall into place just the way they did. The universe has a fun way of guiding us through life. Everything is connected and somehow by getting into tune with what we really love, we will all find our way in this  crazy journey we call life.

Ultimately we are all energy: our feelings are energy, our thoughts and the vibration we give off creates our reality. We are part of a bigger picture. We are all children of the universe.


This collection to me is a reminder of that. Whenever you wear the pieces you should remember to dream big and do whatever makes you happy.

The possibilities are endless.


Jolie Janine jewelry stilnest necklace ring earrings fashionblogger munich


Star Dancer Collection il_340x270-132621510

Shop the collection here

Jolie Janine jewelry stilnest necklace ring earrings fashionblogger munich

ring jolie janine stilnest

Shooting Star Ring (here)

Jolie Janine jewelry stilnest necklace ring earrings fashionblogger munich

necklace jolie janine stilnest

Shooting Star Lariat Necklace (here)

necklace jolie janine stilnest

Full Moon Necklace (here)

necklace jolie janine stilnest



earrings jolie janine stilnest

Shooting Star Earring (here)

earrings ring jolie janine stilnest








Jolie Janine jewelry stilnest necklace ring earrings fashionblogger munich


I hope you guys love the collection as much as I do! If you decide to get any pieces, make sure to tage me in your pictures. I would be more than excited to see you wear them.

xx Janine


Vanessa Black 3. November 2016 Reply

This collection is beautiful Janine! I am obsessed with dainty jewelry, I especially love the shooting star lariat necklace. What a cool opportunity to get to design your own collection. Thank you for sharing the pieces and the story behind the designs <3 Vanessa

Mia 4. November 2016 Reply

I love the necklace with the plate saying “child of the universe” might be my Christmas present 😉

    Janine Jahnke 8. November 2016 Reply

    It is also my favourite piece of the collection 🙂 So happy to hear you like it! xx

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