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My vegan journey

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Hey guys! Since I have been getting a lot of questions on Instagram lately, I thought that it was time for me to share my story of how I became vegan.  Hopefully I can inspire or help you in some way.
I still remember the first time I heard about veganism. It was in 8th grade and someone had told me that our geography teacher was a vegan. I was baffled- how could someone survive from eating only fruit and vegetable?? I thought it was absurd and I moved on eating meat and other animal products. Sometimes I used to casually joke around about becoming vegetarian, but then I always thought about how restrictive that would be, so I continued with my normal diet.
What I ate before becoming vegan
Since I am about 14 I always cared about what I looked like and about the shape that my body was in. I used to restrict my calories a lot, sometimes only eating 1200 calories in a day. For breakfast I used to have a tiny oatmeal and I would always weight my oats to make sure that I wouldn’t be eating more than 40g. On some days I would add half a banana to my oats, because I used to think that too much fruit (a whole banana) would make me fat. For lunch I usually had a salad with chicken or salmon or sometimes even just a muesli bar (!!), needless to say that I never really felt satisfied, so I drank loads and loads of coke light to repress my cravings for more food.  For dinner I usually had grilled vegetable with some kind of meat. Because I never ate till I was properly full, I was always craving food, so I allowed myself one “cheatday” a week where I then binged on lots of unhealthy food. On that day I would for example have several chocolate bars, a Ben and Jerry’s and a whole bag of popcorn. I would then feel beyond full and also slightly disgusted in the evening, promising myself to restrict calories and eat healthy again for the rest of the week.
How I became vegan
My journey to veganism started in April this year. I was studying like crazy for my final exams, so I 

used to spend every day for two weeks in a library. Whenever I felt like I needed a break from studying I scrolled through my instagram. One day Essena Oneill posted a picture of this kid that had been brought up raw vegan by his mom Ellen Fisher. I subscribed to her Instagram and got inspired by her lifestyle. I saw pictures of her eating 5 mangos for a meal, which seemed like heaven to me! So that evening when I came home I didn’t only have 1 mango for dinner- I had 3 ( I know still not a lot, but it was a start).  Because I found her lifestyle so inspiring I started watching several YouTube videos and I bought the 801010 book. I figured: if I ate the right food I would no longer have to restrict my calories so much.  So I started integrating more fruit and vegetable into my diet, for example by trading the oatmeal for banana icecream in the morning.  I tried to avoid animal products as much as possible, however I still sometimes ate meat or dairy whenever I was with my family or friends, because I didn’t want them to have to cook something else for me. It took some time until I told them that I had decided to become vegan, which was the point where I completely stopped eating animal products. In the beginning everyone thought that this was just a phase, but at some point they realized that I was serious about what I was doing and also accepted my decision.

 The high carb vegan lifestyle
As the people that inspired me to become vegan were all high carb vegans I started eating high carb vegan foods. I then informed myself by reading books such as “the 801010 diet” and “the starch solution” which both confirmed my approach. In case you are wondering, being a “high carb” vegan simply means that you get about 80% of your calories from carbohydrates, 10% from proteins and 10% from fats. If you are interested in this lifestyle I recommend you read those books or watch “freelee the bananagirl” videos on YouTube.
Raw till 4? Fully raw? Starch Solution?
There are several high carb vegan approaches. In the beginning I used to follow the raw till 4 diet, but now I just eat whatever feels right for me as long as its vegan and high carb. Of course, I occasionally have a vegan chocolate bar or some other high fat food, but that happens very rarely.
Being social as a high carb vegan
In the beginning I was struggling a bit with eating out with friends.  But it is actually so easy! There are many options: you can go have sushi (just order sushi with cucumber, avocado or some other vegetable), eat Thai food (vegetables curries are vegan as they contain coconut milk) or even enjoy a Pizza (ask for a vegetable Pizza without cheese).
What I eat in a day
I have been getting a lot of questions about what I eat in a day. This question is kind of hard to answer as it always changes depending on the season and what I feel like.
For breakfast I usually have banana icecream (6 frozen bananas blended), a banana smoothie or a portion of oatmeal. For lunch I like to make myself a salad or have some more fruit such as mangos and persimmons if there is any ripe fruit in the house.  For dinner I love having a soup our cooking myself some vegetable. Whenever I get hungry during the day I snack on medjool dates.
I could actually write like 10 more pages about this topic, so if you have any questions let me know in the comments and I can do another post soon! xx


Anonym 2. December 2014 Reply

Was für ein Salat Dressing benutzt du (:?

Anonym 2. December 2014 Reply

Isst du auch nudeln Reis und sowas ? Versuche mich jetzt auch am hclf vegan abe muss noch ein bisschen überblicken was ich Essen kann und was lieber nicht 😀 weißer zucker steht auch nicht auf deinem "Essplan" oder ? Vielen lieben Dank <3

Janine Jahnke 2. December 2014 Reply

Zitronen/Limettensaft. Oder ich mixe getrocknete Tomaten mit frischen Tomaten und Gewürzen (manchmal auch Avocado) in einem Mixer 🙂

Janine Jahnke 2. December 2014 Reply

Ja tue ich, Reis und glutenfreie Nudeln sind eine tolle high carb vegan Option! Oft habe ich Abends aber nicht so viel Lust/ Zeit mir was zu kochen, da mache ich mir einfach einen großen Salat 🙂 Nein, wenn ich Zucker benutze (was eher selten ist) dann benutze ich Kokosblütenzucker. <3

Aber abgesehen von Pflanzlichen fetten Avocados nimmst du ja dann gar keine Fette zu dir.. ?! Machst du nicht wenigstens etwas Olivenöl an den Salat? 😀

Anonym 12. December 2014 Reply

Ich find deine Entscheidung vegan zu leben super toll! Ich wünschte, ich wäre schon mit 19 auf diese Idee gekommen und nicht erst mit 26.Ich will jetzt nicht rumnerven, aber hast du dich schon mal mit der ethischen Seite des Veganismus auseinander gesetzt? Falls du das Video noch nicht kennst kann ich dir dazu den Vortrag von Gary Yourofsky empfehlen. Der Vortrag ist auf der einen Seite sehr krass aber auch extrem unterhaltsam. Also guck doch mal rein: GrüßJudith

Fátima 24. May 2017 Reply

I want to become vegetarian, I’m 17, how can I start? I want to know portions and oatmeals please!!!!

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