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I must admit that I have been a little naughty to achieve this look- twice. First of all I stole this jumpsuit from my sister’s wardrobe. Second of all I decided to wear it the wrong way around, leading to quite a plunging neckline. But to be honest, isn’t that what fashion is all about?

Being a little naughty? I mean were would the fun be if we didn’t dare to combine designer skirts with worn out converse or leave our bra at home just because it shows under that new dress. Fashion for me is all about having fun and experimenting. With every new look I shoot I rediscover my closet and myself a little more.

Sometime you just gotta be a little naughty for fashion- even if that means your sister will be pissed at you for the rest of the week.

Playsuit: Topshop// Arm ring: New Look// Skin tattoos: similar here


Claudia Oleriny 21. February 2015 Reply

I love the jumpsuit as well as the tattoo you have on your arms:) I saw them in Primark but it is too far away from where I live :/ ClaudiasNewLife

Janine Jahnke 22. February 2015 Reply

Thank you 🙂 The tattoos are really pretty right? Maybe you can order them online xx

Janine Jahnke 4. March 2015 Reply

Vielen lieben Dank! ich habe die "Tattoos" aus Kapstadt, aber bei Asos gibt es sie zum Beispiel auch. Den Link dazu findest du unter den Bildern 🙂 <3

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