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Hello babes! As you may or may not now, I am currently doing a Gap year to figure out where and what I want to study. The university advisor at my old school recommended the universities in Holland, so my mum and me flew there three days ago to have a look at two universities. 
We took a really early plane in the morning from Munich to Amsterdam and when we arrived there we went straight to our hotel, which was located in Leiden (North-west of Amsterdam). The Hotel was so beautiful, as it looked like an old castle and was located right next to a big forest. After taking a quick nap we drove back to Amsterdam to visit the “Amsterdam University College” and to walk around the streets of Amsterdam. Sadly it was raining, so we weren’t really in a sightseeing mood.  In the evening we drove back to Leiden where we had a really fancy dinner at the hotel.
The next day we went to den Haag, to have a look at the “Leiden University College” there. I really liked the city of den Haag, as they have lots of nice shops, cute cafés and cosy restaurants. After checking out the university and the city centre there we drove to the beach nearby. Despite the fact that it was only around 10 degrees warm, there were still lots of people kite surfing and windsurfing. I really enjoyed being by the beach, because the smell of salt water always reminds me of summer. We found a super nice restaurant right by the beach and had lunch there. It was so so nice, would be a perfect party location. After that we drove directly to the Airport and flew back to Munich.
Even though I really liked the Universities there, I never really had the feeling that they were right for me. So I guess the search continues 😉
Hallo meine Süßen! Ich bin vor drei Tagen in die Niederlande geflogen um mir dort Unis anzuschauen. Ich habe mir eine Uni in Amsterdam und eine in den Haag angesehen. Außerdem bin ich ein bisschen durch Amsterdam gelaufen und mir die Stadt anzusehen und war am Strand in den Haag. Obwohl keine der beiden Unis was für mich war habe ich die Zeit dort echt genossen 🙂

Munich airport in the early morning
Bye bye Munich!
Cheese factory in Amsterdam
Our Hotel in Leiden
Cosy dinner at the hotel
The beach by den Haag
Amazing Beach Restaurant
Yummy salads for lunch
My mom
Bye Amsterdam, hello Munich!

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