PANDORA Shine collection

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I am a big fan of golden jewelry. It looks amazing on tanned skin and the color reminds of the warm hue of sun rays. Especially now in spring gold pieces add a gorgeous glow to any outfit.

*Anzeige/Advert in collaboration with PANDORA

However, gold jewelry tends to rather expensive and not within everyone’s budget. Luckily PANDORA has come to the help with their new Shine collection. The jewelry pieces from the Shine collection are crafted from the highest quality materials: made of sterling silver and plated in 18k gold, they are a lot more affordable than Pandora’s standard gold jewelry. The Shine collection is beautiful and timeless, yet at the same time it surprises with intricate details and a unique design.

Beautiful forces of nature served as the season’s muses for Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, the two Italians heading PANDORA’s product design team. The inspiration behind the PANDORA Shine collection was nothing less than the sun itself. My favourites of the collection are the bee charms and the honeycomb inspired choker and necklace.  Bees are a symbol for endurance and strength and in this case they are the eye-catchers of the limited Bee Mine collection. As PANDORA’s design team points out: “If you have blue jeans and a T-shirt on, you can be super-strong, super-feminine or super-sexy if you wear jewellery in a different way.” The Shine collection definitely adds that beautiful golden glow to our skin and a fresh spring vibe to our look.

Their jewelry is not the only beautiful aspect about Pandora, they are also a brand that deeply cares about sustainability. Pandora has committed itself to the United Nations Sustainable development goals (short: SDGS) and contributes to progress most of the 17 UN SDGs.

For example, in 2017 PANDORA has opened up a highly modernized and green crafting facility in Lamphun in Northern Thailand. In regards to their own production (they produce themselves) they want to ensure that they can fully meet future demands for sustainability from consumers all over the world.  Thus, the facility has some of the best working conditions in Asia and is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, meaning it incorporates several features that significantly reduce water and energy consumption. A reduction of 45% in water consumption is possible due to a specially designed water management system and 86% of waste is recycled, whereby 100% of the four main waste categories: gypsum, glass, wax and rubber are recycled.

In addition, PANDORA wants to empower future generation through their My School Project in Thailand, which has renovated 11 new schools since 2006 and aims to improve education in the local communities. It is great to see that PANDORA is able to achieve solid future growth, without compromising ethical or environmental standards.

The new pieces of the Shine collection are definitely going to be my go-to gold jewellery and I am even happier go wear them, knowing that they have been produced ethically and sustainably.


Hearts of PANDORA necklace: here
PANDORA shine necklace: here
Honeycomb lace pendant: here

Hearts of PANDORA halo ring: here
Hearts of PANDORA ring: here

PANDORA Honeybee bracelet: here
Moments smooth bracelet: here
Rays of sunrise charm: here
You are my sunshine charm: here
Filled with romance charm: here


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