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Blazer: Reemami //Top: River Island// Faux Leather Leggins: Benetton// Boots: Les Kooples// Ear Cuff: Kamushki Jewellery

Do you know those things that just make your heart beat faster? That cause your eyes to sparkle from excitement? Those things that you enjoy so much doing, that you forget what time it is? Those are your true passions.
When I walked into Waterstones, Europe’s largest bookstore, the other day I got that “special feeling”.  I have always been obsessed with reading and English and German used to be my favourite subjects at school. So when I entered that huge building with all these amazing books I got so excited, that I ended up with about 20 books, which I all wanted to buy. The sheer range and beauty of all these books fascinated me. In a world where everything is slowly being replaced by technology this store filled with “old-fashioned” books felt sacred. It reminded me once again how much I love reading and writing and it confirmed my choice to study journalism at university next year.
These true passions and genuine interests of ours make us who we are and make this world a little more magical.  However, sometimes it is hard to figure out what really lights our inner fire. I have always been passionate about a lot of things ranging from nutrition up to writing and spirituality over to sports and even maths. This is probably also the reason that I found it so hard to figure out what I wanted to study at university, which lead me to take a gap year. During this year I started my blog. When I began blogging I had no huge passion for fashion. I liked dressing nicely, but that was about it. However, the more I started playing around with clothes and trying out different styles I came to realize the tremendous power that fashion has. What you wear shapes other people’s opinion about you and change the way you feel about yourself. The more I got into experimenting with clothes and outfits the bigger my passion for fashion grew. Now it is something that I would never want to bare again. Because as a commonly instagrammed quote says: “You have got to stay close to anything that makes you glad you’re alive.”
What are you passionate about?


Viktorie Pavlová 24. September 2015 Reply

Omg! I absolutly love all your posts on blog and instagram and also your videos! You are so amazing in doing this stuff. And also you are so beautiful and your body is really skinny but healthy! More pohotos! Love thiiiiiis!

Claudia Oleriny 24. September 2015 Reply

I agree with the comment above me, I love your style, your posts and blog. You always have something interesting to write about 🙂 ClaudiasNewLife

Janine Jahnke 24. September 2015 Reply

Thanks so much Claudia 🙂 I love reading your comments!! xoxo

Alena Köhler 28. September 2015 Reply

Liebe Janine,Ich liebe diesen Blazer an dir!! Soo ein gutes Teil!xx

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