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Raw vegan banana-raspberry cake

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Who doesn’t love cake? I definitely do.  But what I love even more is a cake that it is so healthy that it is absolutely guilt-free. This raw vegan banana-rapberrry cake is refined sugar and oil free and tastes absolutely amazing. The first time I tried a cake like this was at my South African friend Amy’s birthday party, where I had at least three pieces of her mouth watering birthday cake. So using only ingredients I currently had at home, I tried to recreate it. The result was a total success! Keep reading for the cake recipe that has even been approved by the non-vegan cake lovers of my family 😉

For the base:
-10-15 pitted medjool dates
-5 dried figs
-1 cup of oats
For the creamy banana layer:
-6-8 super ripe bananas
-1 handful of cashew nuts (you can do without them if you want to keep the cake super low fat)
For the raspberry layer:
-2-3 cups of frozen raspberries
-6 pitted medjool dates

Start off by putting some plastic wrap on the base of the cake tin- this makes it easier to remove the cake later on.
Then place the ingredients for the base into a food processor until you have a dough-like consistency. If you don’t have a food processor (like me) you can simply blend them in a blender on low speed and mix everything up with a spoon in between so that it blends nicely.
Next cover the bottom of the cake tin with the dough, so that the base is approximately 1 cm thick. If your dough doesn’t cover the whole base, simply make some more dough.
For the middle layer you then mix the ripe bananas in a blender and add the cashew nuts, which make the whole thing a little creamier. Then put this “pudding” over your base layer into the cake tin. Place this in the freezer for about an hour before adding the top layer.
For the top layer you simply have to blend the frozen raspberries with the medjool dates and put the finished product on top of your cake.

Lastly, place the cake in the freezer- preferably over night. Before eating it however, I would recommend leaving it outside for a bit so that it can unfreeze.
The finished product tastes so so good- hard to believe that it is healthy 😉 You should definitely give it a shot and make it at home!


Istvanffy Emma 4. April 2015 Reply

oh my gosh this looks amazing! must try it!Emma

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