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Ups & downs

My life these last months has been an absolute rollercoaster ride of emotions. Sorry for using this cheesy saying, but I really couldn’t describe it any other way. If you just look at my...
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Goodbye Cape Town

Dear Cape Town, Nothing went as I had planned it out and I am now leaving you behind to fly back to Germany, with no apartment to return to and no intention to spend the...
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Help, I don’t know what to do with my life: the struggle with University.

It is time to get real and very personal guys. It’s been some time since my last personal blogpost and considering the fact that I am currently feeling as lost in my life as...
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Instagram behind the scenes: What it is really like to travel with 3 Instagrammers

Written by Lara Neibert In December of 2016 Janine, Alex and Julia asked me if I would like to join them on a road trip. One week up the Garden Route. Of course I...
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21 things I learnt in 21 years

It was my birthday around two weeks ago, meaning that I am now 21 years old. Even though I think that birthdays just like anniversaries, mother’s day etc. are social constructs that force us...
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Youtube Q&A Video

  I asked you guys to send me your questions via Instagram and Snapchat, in order for me to film a little Q&A Video.  So in this video I am talking  about everything from...
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Third Wheeling on Tinder Dates

By Julia In 2012 god has decided to give the social media addicted generation, that is too busy staring at their smartphone instead of going out and meeting people, a wonderful app to not...
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Living in the right place- Why choosing where you live does matter

I am going to be 100% honest with you guys: a lot of the time that I am in Munich I am miserable, unhappy with my life and I have zero inspiration to do...
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When he doesn’t text you back: the 3 stages girls go through

Written by Julia Who doesn’t know the struggle: There is that guy you are texting, and all of a sudden he just stops replying out of nowhere. Regardless of whether you were texting him because...
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Finding my way in this crazy journey we call life

Life is crazy. Just the other day I had to think about what strange paths it takes us. When I finished school two years ago I could have never ever imagined that I would...