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ROBINSON Club Maldives

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Picture this: white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise water inhabited by colourful ocean species and palm trees wherever you look. This is exactly what the ROBINSON Club Maldives looks like: the real-life definition of paradise. Last month I visited this incredible place and experienced one of the most incredible holidays of my life. This post is going to be all about our unforgettable time at the ROBINSON club on the Maldives.


Journey to the ROBINSON Club Maldives

We commenced our journey to the ROBINSON Club Maldives in Munich. From Munich, we flew over Abu Dhabi to Mahé on the Maldives. There we were welcomed by a friendly ROBINSON staff, who took our luggage and passport and did the check in for the final flight. In the meantime, we got to relax in the lounge. Then we flew with a propeller-driven aircraft to Kadhedhoo airport. I will never forget this flight because the view out of the airplane window was simply breathtaking: turquoise water and little islands everywhere. For the final part of our trip, we were picked up by the ROBINSON Team and took a boat to the resort.


ROBINSON Club Maldives

ROBINSON Club Maldives

ROBINSON Club Maldives blogger

ROBINSON Club Maldives jolie janine

Arrival in paradise

I used to think that thanks to having travelled a lot, I had already seen some nice places. However, when we arrived at the ROBINSON Club Maldives I really couldn’t believe my eyes. This place was simply surreal and it felt like I had just been transported straight into one of those photoshopped holiday postcards, except for the fact that this place was actually real. We had arrived in paradise.

Stepping foot on the island we were warmly welcomed by the guest relation manager Seth, who offered us a welcome drink, handed us flower necklace and guided us to our accommodation for the next week: the Lagoon villa with a private pool.

The club rooms

The ROBINSON Club Maldives offers different types of club rooms (check them out here).  We were lucky to get to experience the Lagoon villa. When we arrived on the island, I really thought this couldn’t get any better. Then, when we walked along the boardwalk to the water bungalows I was proven wrong: this was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It feels impossible to put the colour of the water into words. When we entered the villa, I was seriously speechless.  Our villa had a private veranda with a pool, from which we could go straight into the ocean to go swimming- an absolute dream!


ROBINSON Club Maldives rooms bed

ROBINSON Club Maldives room

ROBINSON Club Maldives resort

ROBINSON Club Maldives travelblogger

ROBINSON Club Maldives pool view

ROBINSON Club Maldives terrace

The resort: ROBINSON Club Maldives

The hotel ground at the ROBINSON Club Maldives is only 107,000m2, meaning you can easily walk around the island. I personally loved that a lot, because that way everything is within walking distance. On the island there are 2 restaurants, 3 bars, a reception, a boutique, a spa, a gym, a doctor, a volleyball area, a pool and a watersports station.

The beaches
The beaches at the ROBINSON Club are absolutely picture perfect. White sand strand, turquoise water and slightly bent palm trees will make you feel like you are stranded in paradise.


ROBINSON Club Maldives island

jolie janine beach tan

maldives drone picture

ROBINSON Club Maldives drone picture

ROBINSON Club Maldives bungalow

Food at the ROBINSON Club Maldives

During our stay we enjoyed full board, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks (non-alcoholic), cake in the afternoon and a gala dinner once a week. The buffet was very varied and offered a wide selection of international dishes. Since ROBINSON puts a lot of effort into using regional and seasonal produce, the Indian and Asian dishes stood out and were my personal favorites. Healthy food choices are becoming increasingly popular and it is great if you don’t have to sacrifice that whilst being on holiday. ROBINSON has designed a WellFood program, which consists of vegetarian, whole foods & nutritious conscious dishes that are offered at every meal. My favorite was the ginger water in the morning since it was a great way to start the day and amazing for your digestion

Once a week the ROBINSON Club Maldives organized a gala night with an à la carte menu. This was a very special night, with great food and fun entertainments.

If you are looking for a change from the buffet, you are also able to book an à la carte dinner at the Gourmet restaurant any night of the week. We didn’t do that, but apparently, the candlelight dinner by the beach is incredible.

Special dietary requirements & catering to a vegan diet

As you probably already know, I follow a vegan diet, so before we travelled to the ROBINSON Club Maldives I made sure to inform them about this before. It was not a problem at all, and they were extremely accommodating. At every meal, there were plenty of vegan options available at the buffet, yet the chef always came to ask us if we were fine or if we needed anything. On the gala night, the kitchen made us a vegan 5-courses menu instead of the normal one. It is amazing when the kitchen staff puts in such an effort to accommodate your dietary requirements and makes you feel at home even whilst you are on holiday.


jolie janine beach

dragonfruit summer ocean water

fruits healthy food

Activities at the ROBINSON Club Maldives

It is amazing to switch off and relax whilst you are on holiday, yet at the same time, it feels great to find time to workout and enjoy fun activities. Whilst at the ROBINSON Club we were able to enjoy a wide range of fun activities, from snorkelling to fitness classes over to cosy movie nights.

Snorkeling and exploring the reef

When you are in the Maldives you simply HAVE to go diving or snorkelling. At the ROBINSON Club they have a guided snorkel tour twice a day, which is amazing because someone from the ROBINSON team snorkels with you and guides you to the best spots. It was also great because Julia was a bit scared of snorkelling alone with me, so she was only willing to go with a group of others. On our first snorkel tour, we saw sharks (don’t worry, they are pretty small), stingrays, a turtle and many beautiful fish. It was such an incredible experience and I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes when the first reef shark swam past me.


ROBINSON Club Maldives snorkeling

ROBINSON Club Maldives snorkel

girl snorkelling maldives


The ROBINSON WellFit program makes sure that you never run out of things to do whilst on the island. From Yoga to guided mediation over to Hot Iron classes: the choice is yours. The club also has an amazing gym, which is extremely well equipped and perfect for anyone who wants to train by themselves.

Water Sports

On the island you will find a watersports center, where you can do any water based activities your heart desires: windsurfing, jet ski, waterski, SUP and many more. If you want to do a dolphin tour you can also go there and book it with them.

Ball Sports

You are more into volleyball, beach tennis or beach soccer? No problem, the daily program offers lots of these activities for you.


If you want to explore the surrounding islands you can take part in one of the excursions, which the ROBINSON Club offers. Once a week they drive to a secluded island with one of their boats, to host a barbeque for couples or groups.

Spa treatments

During our stay, Julia and I decided to spoil ourselves and try out the Balinese massage at the Spa. Since the staff is actually from Bali, the massage was incredible. It was probably one of the best ones I have ever had.


Apart from sports activities, there are also so many other fun activities that the ROBINSON Club on the Maldives offers. For example, one day we took part in a kitchen tour where we got to see the club kitchen and learnt about where the food comes from- very interesting! My absolute favourite memories were the disco night (the DJ played such good music and Julia and I had the best time) and the movie night. For the movie night we watched a beautiful nature documentary whilst the waiters served fresh popcorn. Fun and unique activities like these are what make a holiday truly special and memorable.

Sunset Time

Every evening the guest have the opportunity to watch the sunset at the sunset spot. Sipping your favourite cocktail, listening to the chilled tunes the DJ is playing and watching the sky turn pink: there is no better way to end a day in paradise.

ROBINSON Club Maldives sunset

ROBINSON Club Maldives sunset cocktail

ROBINSON Club Maldives: Holidays in paradise

It is safe to say that our 1-week stay at the ROBINSON Club Maldives was one of the most amazing memories I made in my entire life. The picture-perfect beaches, the crystal clear water, the fun activities, the friendly ROBINSON team- this place is like no other. The day of our departure when we were on the boat, waving everyone goodbye, I felt very emotional and really did not want to leave. Julia and I flew home with many beautiful new memories and the strong desire to come back again one day.

ROBINSON Club Maldives beach

girl drone beach ocean

ROBINSON Club Maldives palmtree

girl beach paradise heart

*In collaboration with ROBINSON


Pauline 31. January 2018 Reply

Hach… die Malediven sind einfach nur ein Ort zum von Träumen und wie du selbst beschrieben hast wirklich das Paradies auf Erden! Deswegen stehen sie auch ganz weit oben auf meiner Bucketlist und ich kann es kaum erwarten dieses kristalklare türkise Wasser und die weisen Strände, aber auch diese unglaublich coolen Wasserbungalows einmal selbst zu besuchen *-* Es muss einfach nur traumhaft sein!
Echt cool, dass du mit deiner Schwester die Möglichkeit dazu hattest 🙂

Liebe Grüße
Pauline <3

S 2. February 2018 Reply

Danke für den Beitrag. 🙂
Ich fliege im Mai hin. Kannst du was zu dem dresscode auf der Insel sagen?

    Janine Jahnke 5. February 2018 Reply

    Hey 🙂 Der Dresscode war eigentlich total enstspannt! Wir haben uns nur für die Black & White night oder den Gala Abend was Schickeres angezogen. Aber man trägt nicht mal Schuhe, daher war es alles in allem ziemlich casual 🙂

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