Schrammek BB Perfect Beauty Fluid Review

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When it comes to skin makeup I am not a fan of heavy foundations. I prefer keeping it natural and light so that my skin can breathe and I don’t look like I am hiding behind several layers of makeup. However, keeping it natural and getting a good coverage at the same time can be tricky. Thus I was really excited when Schrammek asked me to test their new BB Cream, which promises to make your skin look “airbrushed”, whilst being a light moisturizer at the same time. Let’s see…

Schrammek BB Perfect Beauty Fluid

About the Product

The BB Beauty Fluid Essential comes in a 40ml tub and costs 41,00€. The product has UV-protection (SPF 15), moisturizes the skin and promises and optical “blur-effect” which is supposed to make your skin tone look nice and even.


Schrammek BB Perfect Beauty Fluid Review Beauty

Schrammek BB Perfect Beauty Fluid Beauty Product


There are three colours you can pick from: Ivory, Beige and Peach. In these pictures I am wearing the darkest nuance: peach, since I am still pretty tanned from Cape Town and the colour fits perfectly to my skin right now.


Schrammek BB Perfect Beauty Fluid Natural Makeup beautyIn this picture I am only wearing the Beauty Fluid on my skin- nothing else


I am very positively surprised with the coverage of this product. Most of the BB Creams I have tried so far have very little to no coverage or don’t blend very well. This one actually does cover redness and uneven skin tone very nicely without feeling too heavy on the skin.


Schrammek BB Perfect Beauty Fluid

The BB Beauty Fluid is an awesome product, which made my skin look nice and even and helped really well with covering up any impurities. Unlike a lot of other BB creams the coverage is quite strong, but it still looks natural and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin.


Schrammek BB Perfect Beauty Fluid Makeup Natural Skin

Schrammek BB Perfect Beauty Fluid Black and White

If you guys also want to give this product a try you can use the code JolieJanine16 to get free shipping upon your order on and a miniature Sensiderm Cleansing Solution for free.
In Collaboration with Schrammek/ the opinion expressed is my own and 100% honest

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