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Seychelles Sailing Traveldiary

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I must admit that my life has been pretty crazy lately. Only two days after Julia and I got back from Bali, we were on our way to the airport again. This time to travel to the Seychelles to go sailing there.

seychelles sailing


You might know that I try to seize every opportunity I get to travel, so when my dad asked me if I wanted to join him and a few friends on their sailing turn around the Seychelles I didn’t have to think twice.

We started our trip on the main island Mahé, where we chartered a catamaran. After spending a night in the harbour and doing a huge grocery shopping tour (you never know which island has a supermarket) we left for Moyenne Island, which was only 30 minutes away from marina.

seychelles sailing boat

seychelles sailing moyenne islandseychelles sailing turtleseychelles sailing baby turtle


The next morning we then sailed over to Praslin, which took around 5 hours. As the ocean was quite rough I did feel pretty seasick. The beaches in Praslin were (like pretty much all of the beach on the Seychelles) absolutely beautiful. White sand & turquoise water- it was just like the front of a postcard.

seychelles sailing praslinseychelles sailing sistersseychelles sailing meeting localsseychelles sailing coconut beachseychelles sailing praslin beach

La Digue

From Praslin we then sailed over to the neighbouring island of la Digue. Whilst we there the weather was pretty gloomy, which was a welcome break from the heat of the last couple of days. In La Digue we rented a bike to get around the island as there are no cars. We cycled to two beaches: Anse Source d’Argent and Grand Anse, which were both beautiful, despite the cloudy skies.

seychelles sailing turtles la digue

seychelles sailing turtle feedingseychelles sailing turtle

seychelles sailing bathingsuitseychelles travel diary-15-min

Our night in the harbour of La Digue was also very adventurous. I woke up at 3 am to the sound of people screaming on deck. This was because the anchor of a huge neighbouring boat had loosened and this massive ship was therefore pushing us against the other boats, threatening to crash our catamaran into little pieces. After about an hour of screaming to wake up the crew of the other boat they finally woke up and moved their tanker. However there was still a huge damage on our catamaran. Fortunately we could still sail with it, so the next day we continued our journey to Curieuse Island.

seychelles sailing catamaranseychelles sailing drone viewseychelles sailing boat

Curieuse Island

Curieuse is famous for its turtles. Some of them are even older than 200 year and they are all so cute! When you started patting their necks they would reach their heads even closer in your directions as they enjoyed the affection so much.

seychelles sailing curieuseseychelles sailing curieuse islandseychelles sailing bikiniseychelles sailing jump off boat


The next day we had to head back to the Harbour on Mahé, because we had only planned to stay on the Seychelles for a week. The 5 hour sailing turn back wasn’t a lot of fun though: there were lots of waves, the ride was bumpy and I once again felt seasick.

Before flying back to Munich we spent another night in the harbour from which we decided to explore the main island of Mahé a little. Thus we rented a car and drove over the island to Baie Lazare where we had lunch at the Kempinski Seychelles Resort. We also spent the afternoon by the pool there, which was great. I wish we could have stayed there for a couple of nights 😉

seychelles sailing kempinski resortseychelles sailing kempinski resort barseychelles sailing kempinski hotelseychelles sailing kempinski resortseychelles sailing palmtree

Even though our Seychelles Sailing turn was rather short, it was still a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. Never before in my life have I seen such beautiful beaches as on the Seychelles. It is truely and island paradise and I am extremely grateful that I got the opportunity to join my family on this sailing trip.


Peonie 24. December 2015 Reply

it looks like paradise!!! so nice! merry xmas
xx love peonie

    Janine Jahnke 24. December 2015 Reply

    It really was! 🙂 Thank you and a very happy Christmas to you too! <3

Savannah 6. January 2016 Reply

What Camera do you use? xx

    Janine Jahnke 6. January 2016 Reply

    I use a Sony Alpha 6000 🙂 xx

Pauline 24. January 2016 Reply

Die Bilder sind so unglaublich schön 🙂 ich freue mich schon wenn ich nach meinem Abi die Möglichkeit habe ganz viel zu reisen 😀
Studierst du? Und wie kannst du dir es leisten so viel zu reisen 🙂

    Janine Jahnke 26. January 2016 Reply

    Vielen Dank 🙂 Nein ich studiere noch nicht. Im Moment arbeite ich in einem kleinen Nebenjob und Model um mir das Reisen zu finanzieren 🙂

Annie 24. February 2016 Reply

Hi Janine,
Maybe someone asked you this already, but I was wondering how you’d get these beautiful pictures from far above? Like the one with the boat, the sea and the island :). With a drone?
Looks so cool! Enjoy your traveling!


    Janine Jahnke 26. February 2016 Reply

    Hi Annie, My dad’s friend had a drone, which he flew around to get those prety images. I am really thinking about buying myself one aswell 😛
    xx Janine

Devin 29. September 2016 Reply

You are simply gorgeous!

Ioanna 28. November 2016 Reply

Looks amazing! Where you there in December? Wanting to go in early Jan but worried about the wet season ?

    Janine Jahnke 12. December 2016 Reply

    Yes I went in December and it was perfectly fine 🙂 x

Tammy 15. May 2017 Reply

Was thinking of going to Kempinski Resort while in Mahe for 5 hrs. Was it ok for you to hang out on the pool and beach without you being a guest?

    Janine Jahnke 16. May 2017 Reply

    I think it could be fine if you are a guest at the restaurant. Maybe give them a call before and check? x Janine

Shamim 9. September 2017 Reply

Hi, I hope you see this. From your blog, I can only tell you were there for five days, but you say a week.. Could you please detail how many days you stayed in Mahe, Praslin and La Digue? I am planning to go for seven days. So which islands deserve a day or two days, and how about the lodging?

    Janine Jahnke 9. September 2017 Reply

    We actually slept on the Catermaran which we use to sail around the islands. La Digue was my favourite island 🙂

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